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Everything Tourists Need To Know As Los Cabos Becomes The 3rd Busiest Airport In Mexico 

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Los Cabos has become a hugely popular choice for international travelers looking for an ideal Mexican vacation destination.   

The destination, which includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has become so popular that Los Cabos International Airport became one of Mexico’s busiest airports in 2023.   

As the destination continues to grow in popularity, it’s a good time to go over everything tourists need to know as Los Cabos becomes the 3rd busiest airport in Mexico.   

Planes of Multiple Airlines on the Tarmac at Los Cabos, Mexico Airport

Arriving In Los Cabos 

Last year Los Cabos Airport welcomed more than 2 million international tourists, and over 4 million arrivals in general, so it’s a pretty busy airport.   

That being said, it’s fairly quick to get through.   

Before catching your ride outside of the airport you’ll have to go through customs and baggage claim, but as long as everything is in order this should be rather quick. 

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Tips For Getting Through The Airport Quickly 

To ensure quick passage through immigration and baggage claim you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need at hand.   

Your passport, identification, any prescriptions for medications, and so on….  

You’ll also want to keep your transportation and hotel information handy in case you need it to get to where you’re going.   

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Transportation From The Airport To Your Hotel 

There will be taxis waiting outside of the airport, aggressively seeking out passengers, but this isn’t always the best way to get to your hotel.   

To get to Cabo San Lucas a taxi can cost almost $100 each way.   

While private transportation won’t be any cheaper, you’ll be able to already have your driver waiting for you upon your arrival, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for your transportation ahead of time.   

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Things To Avoid At Los Cabos Airport 

There are two main things you’ll want to avoid when you arrive at Los Cabos Airport.   

The first is the currency exchange facilities, as the exchange rates typically aren’t as good as what you’ll get from ATMs or banks in town.   

The second thing to avoid is what is known as the “shark tank,” which is common in all busy Mexican airports.   

This is an area where timeshare salespeople do everything they can to get your attention.   

They’re even known to lie to tourists about being transportation providers to get tourists to their sales presentations, so walk right on through and ignore them if you want to get to your hotel quickly.   

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When To Arrive At The Airport For Departure 

It’s recommended that international travelers arrive at the airport for departure at least three hours before take-off.   

This gives you time to get through immigration and check any bags, and while you might find that the lines aren’t that long, it’s better to play it safe.   

It takes about 20 minutes to get from San Jose del Cabo to the airport and about 40 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, so you’ll need to plan your transportation accordingly and allow yourself a little leeway in case of delays.   

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3 Things To Do While Waiting At Los Cabos Airport  

Nobody wants to sit and wait at the airport but all we can do is make the best of it.   

Some airports have more to offer than others for those waiting.  At Los Cabos Airport, there are three things you can do while waiting.   

Those things are: 

  • Dine at one of many restaurants. 
  • Shop at the duty-free store. 
  • Relax in an airport lounge for less than $50 per person.  
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Best Time To Visit Los Cabos To Avoid The Crowds 

If you really want to get through Los Cabos Airport quickly you can visit during the slower seasons.   

Typically, this is during the summer and early fall months.   

Not only will visiting during this time make the airport more maneuverable, but the destination will be less crowded in general.

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