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Elon Musk Spotted Partying In Los Cabos While On Vacation

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The SunDream Baja music festival took place over the weekend in the San Jose del Cabo Bay at the Playa Ganzo resort.

Apart from the top performers that took the stage, certain celebrities were on hand that may have actually taken the spotlight from the show’s headliners.

Elon musk at party

That was the case with Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter owner Elon Musk. The billionaire was one of the many VIPs in attendance at the event. 

What made Musk’s appearance noteworthy was the fact that he seemed relaxed and remained accessible to people who would recognize him at the event.

He didn’t even shy away from showing off some dance moves as popular performer Rufus Du Sol was on stage. Overall those in attendance remarked that Musk gave off “good vibes”.

Stage At A Music Festival Being Heald At A Beach

He was not immune to criticism, though, from people on his own social network Twitter. After his dance moves went viral, some users were quick to point out that he was doing a typical “dad” dance.

The man is 50 years old. It could be said that he’s earned the right to pull off some of these moves.   

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Tips On How To Approach Elon Musk

Perhaps the main reason why Musk’s Cabo escapade was made public was due to a set of Tik Tok videos published by Memo Salinas Trevino.

Salinas is the nephew of one of Mexico’s most influential business personalities Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

That can help explain why he happened to be in the same VIP section of the SunDream Baja music festival as Elon Musk. 

hands up at a club

In any case, Salinas Trevino served as the local paparazzi this time around. He didn’t just limit himself to creating videos of Musk dancing at the event.

He actually went on to provide his followers with a set of recommendations to approach famous people like Musk.

His tips included approaching any famous person in a normal fashion and trying to make conversation.

Salinas would go on to say that people would be surprised to find out that Musk is actually a human being and not a robot. Despite what many of the conspiracy theories out there would have you believe.

That would seem like decent enough advice to meet famous people. We can’t help but question the fact that this advice is coming from a person who has his own fair share of influence.

At least on the local level. He’s from a family of billionaires and was able to make small talk with Musk in a highly exclusive VIP area.

It’s hard to picture the average tourist in the non-VIP sections of the same concert getting a chance to speak to Musk.  

People At A Large Music Festival

This May Not Be The Last Time Musk Hits The Party Scene In Cabo

Apart from giving his fans advice on how to approach Elon Musk, Memo Salinas would go on to reveal some of the things that he talked to Elon about.

Apparently, the new Tesla plant that’s set to be built in Monterrey, Mexico came up in the conversation. Elon told Salinas that he decided to set up a plant there because of the hard-working culture of the people in the area.

Yet, mainly because Monterrey is close to Austin, Texas. Austin is where Elon now spends most of his time these days.

As far as Elon becoming a regular member of the Cabo party scene like Sammy Hagar or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, that seems like a bit of a stretch.

At least at this point in time. Musk is actively trying to strengthen his ties with Mexico, though. Particularly with the new Tesla plant being built in the country.

It wouldn’t be odd to think this will be the first in a new string of visits that Elon Musk will make to Cabo—especially given the fact that he’s apparently very fond of electro and house music.

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