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El Medano Beach In Los Cabos Is Finally Getting Public Restroom Facilities After 14-Year Wait

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El Medano beach is finally getting public restroom facilities for tourists to be able to use during their visit to arguably the most popular beach in Los Cabos. The mayor of Los Cabos, Oscar Leggs Castro, attended the inauguration of the facilities which are actually going to be ready to use in about two weeks’ time. 

View From Riu Hotel of El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

The project of building restroom facilities had been stalled for the better part of 14 years. This was mainly due to the fact that a local hotel was seemingly in charge of the project. Apparently, though, there have been multiple issues between the hotel and local administrations within that time period. Finally, the project looks to be almost complete. 

Public Restrooms At A Beach

Federal Authorities Will Be In Charge of The Restroom’s Upkeep 

About a month ago, when the El Medano restroom project seemed to be nearing its completion, there was uncertainty over who would be in charge of the general upkeep of these restrooms. Around that time, the mayor of Los Cabos had met with local businessmen, and it was settled that they would be in charge of the upkeep of these facilities. Also, local businesses would take care of the fisherman statute located on El Medano beach. 

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Tourists on Medano Beach in the sand

Yesterday, when the mayor spoke to the media at the inauguration of the restrooms, which are going to be ready in about two weeks, he mentioned that it was, in fact, the federal authorities through Zofemat, the federal agency in charge of the overall upkeep of beaches in Mexico, that would be in charge of the facilities. 

Worker Cleaning Beach with shovel

All of this back-and-forth tension over the restrooms helps to better explain why it’s taken 14 years for facilities to be built. In his most recent media appearance, the mayor of Los Cabos mentioned

“The bathrooms here in the “El Medano” area are almost ready. There are just a couple of details left that the local board has to take care of, so we can operate them. In about 2 weeks, all of the technical elements will be ready for the service to begin and for it to be maintained. This is not just about doing a pretty inauguration, we want to make sure they are kept well, and that’s our responsibility.”      

Portable restrooms have also been used as alternatives at El Medano Beach.jpg

Non-Public Restroom Options At El Medano Beach In Los Cabos

El Medano beach stretches for about 2 miles along Cabo San Lucas bay. It’s one of the most popular beaches in all of Cabo San Lucas. The beach area features hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, and other facilities. How exactly have tourists used the restroom while at this beach for this entire time? Basically, tourists who head to El Medano beach have to use the restrooms within hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, and any other type of facility that is located on the beach.

Beach club facilities on a sunny evening

If tourists are not staying at a specific hotel on the beach or eating at a particular restaurant, they are usually charged a fee to be able to use the restroom in those specific spots. From now until the opening of the public restrooms on the beach, tourists who head over to El Medano will have to continue paying fees to use private restroom areas.

Riu Hotel Los Cabos located on El Medano beach

The new facilities at El Medano beach are going to feature new sinks and faucets as well toilets in Men and Women’s restrooms. The facilities will not, however, feature shower areas apart from the small ones that are meant to help people remove sand from their feet to enter the facility. Presumably, the main reason why no showers are going to be incorporated into the new facilities is to discourage camping at El Medano beach. An activity which is actually banned on that particular beach.  

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