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Authorities Cracking Down On Illegal Vendors At These 3 Los Cabos Beaches 

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Los Cabos, in recent years, has developed into a luxury vacation destination where travelers go to enjoy the stunning beaches, among other things.   

Perfect for enjoying warm weather and sunny days and getting in a little relaxation time, the beaches are always filled with beach-loving tourists.   

In addition to tourists, they are also often filled with beach vendors, but not all of them are legal.   

This is why authorities are cracking down on illegal vendors at three popular Los Cabos beaches, which will improve the tourist experience.   

Vendors on a Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

3 Popular Los Cabos Beaches Being Overrun By Illegal Vendors 

There are three beaches in particular, all located in Cabo San Lucas, where most of the beach vendor activity is concentrated.   

One is Los Cabos’ most popular beach, El Medano, or Medano Beach.   

This is the most active beach in Los Cabos, where watercraft and umbrella rentals and food and souvenir vendors are everywhere.   

Additionally, the popular Lover’s Beach, which sits across the bay from Medano Beach, and Divorce Beach, which sits on the other side of Lover’s Beach, are also becoming inundated with vendors.   

Tourists on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Beach Vendors – The Good And The Bad Side For Tourists 

It’s not uncommon for tourists to look forward to the street and beach vendor experience that is a timeless tradition in many Mexican destinations.   

In Cabo San Lucas, beach vendors can be found on several beaches, and many tourists enjoy buying or renting certain items from them.   

The problem is that not all of them have permits to operate on the beach, and some offer their wares illegally.   

Jetskis and Tourists on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Chaos The Excessive Number Of Vendors Is Causing 

Authorities and tourism officials feel that the excessive amount of vendors on Los Cabos beaches is causing chaos and disorder.   

It’s making it difficult for both authorities and tourists to tell which vendors are legitimate and legal.   

The large number of vendors is also crowding these very popular beaches, which are already pretty packed with tourists.   

Tourists and Beach Vendors Crowding a Los Cabos Beach

What Authorities Are Doing To Fix The Problem 

Investigations are often carried out on beaches to pinpoint the illegal vendors.   

Executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Juilio Castillo Gomez, has also called the issue of the lack of permits of many vendors to the attention of the Directorate of Revenue and the Tax Inspector.   

It is hoped that authorities will work with these departments to weed out illegal vendors. 

Police Checking the Bags of Vendors on a Los Cabos Beach

Items Being Rented And Sold By Beach Vendors 

Beach vendors rent and sell a wide range of items that tourists are keen to seek out.   

Some of the more common items are umbrellas, kayaks, paddle boards, souvenirs, chairs, and food and beverage items.   

One of the issues that Los Cabos authorities are trying to address is vendors illegally selling alcohol as well.   

Vendors Set Up on a Los Cabos, Mexico Beach

How To Tell The Difference Between Legal And Illegal Vendors  

Two years ago, Los Cabos issued an initiative to make it easier to tell the difference between legal and illegal vendors.   

They began requiring vendors to wear a sort of uniform, consisting of white bottoms and a long-sleeved white top, but it’s likely that not everyone actually follows the requirement.   

Still, it is one of the only indicators that you can use that might tell if a vendor is truly legal.  

Beach Vendors Wearing Uniforms in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Beaches With Fewer Vendors  

If you want to experience more relaxed Los Cabos beaches without an excessive number of vendors, there are several other great beaches that you can escape to.   

Santa Maria Beach, Chileno Beach, and Palmilla Beach are all quieter and have fewer vendors.   

All three of these beaches are located along the stunning Tourist Corridor, which runs between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.   

The location of these beaches makes them easily reachable from both Los Cabos destinations.

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