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Flight Canceled In Los Cabos? Here’s What To Do

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Multiple flight cancellations have taken place at the Los Cabos airport due to the poor weather conditions in other parts of the world, particularly in cities further up north in the United States. On Monday, there were three international flights that were outright canceled. An Alaska Airlines flight to Portland, Oregon, a Delta flight heading to New York City, and a Southwest flight heading to Arizona. With poor weather seemingly continuing to be a factor in the coming days, it’s a good idea for travelers to know what their options are if their flight gets canceled in Los Cabos. 

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Know Where Your Bags Are To Plan Your Next Move

The first thing that you’re going to want to account for is your luggage. If you’re not able to get on a flight that you’ve already checked in for, make sure to talk to representatives of the airline that you’re flying with to track your baggage. While this is more of an issue if you miss your flight, or it’s overbooked, and you can’t get on, having to chase your baggage across the airport, or different airports for that matter, is not ideal. If the flight is canceled, there’s a chance that you can get your luggage back just in case you have to stay one more night in Los Cabos or you want to look for another way to travel back home.

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Look For Other Flights Available To Your Destination

If you’re flying to a place like New York, or the aforementioned Portland, the reality is that your best bet is going to be to wait things out in Los Cabos since it’s poor weather at your destination that likely caused your flight to be canceled. On the other hand, if your flight was canceled because the particular plane that you were supposed to get on couldn’t get out of a contentious airport, but the weather at your destination is fine, you could be entitled to a flight plan change that gets you to your destination. Check with the airline that you booked your original flight with first to see if there’s something you can do through their network of flights before booking extra flights to a new destination on another airline.

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Look For Multiple Ways to Contact The Airline Or Your Travel Insurance Provider

The flight’s canceled, and all of the passengers that were supposed to board that plane are now crowding the desk at the gate looking for answers. More often than not, there’s only so much that personnel at the gate are going to be able to do for you when it comes to rescheduling flights or locating your luggage. A good idea may be to call a hotline for the airline and get in touch with your travel insurance company to see what your options are. Getting your flight canceled can certainly be stressful, but try and remain calm and polite as you look for a solution on the phone or with people on the ground. Please and thank you usually help you find better solutions in these types of situations.

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Get Reimbursed For Extra Expenses If You Decide To Wait In Los Cabos

For travelers who are not in too much of a hurry waiting for the next available flight to their destination, staying more days in Los Cabos could be a viable option. Particularly if you can get reimbursed for the extra lodging costs and any other expenses that you incur while you wait. There are two main ways that you can receive this compensation, and there’s even a chance that you can obtain compensation from both of these avenues. 

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One is directly through the airline. Some airlines are going to fight tooth and nail not to provide any type of extra compensation for travelers stuck at any particular airport. What you’re entitled to as a stranded passenger varies depending on the airline. You can check the guidelines set by the Mexican government here

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Also, travelers who bought traveler insurance usually have certain things that they’re entitled to in the event of a cancellation. Again these benefits can vary depending on the travelers’ insurance provider. It’s usually a good idea to check the insurance coverage before looking for new flights or incurring extra expenses to understand what type of expenses can be reimbursed as part of the specific policy.

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