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5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is One Of The Most Popular Beach Destinations On Earth 

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Nearly 1.2 million people visited Los Cabos beaches last year, establishing the destination as one of the best places in the world for a beach vacation.   

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, as the coastline of this portion of the Baja California peninsula is home to numerous stunning beaches.   

In addition to the sheer number of beaches that are in the destination, though, there are 5 other reasons why Los Cabos is one of the most popular beach destinations on Earth.   

Tourists on a Beautiful Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Amazing Certified Beaches

Most of the beaches in Los Cabos are Blue Flag Certified.   

This means that they have been awarded for achieving more than 30 different objectives to meet this standard.   

Sufficient safety measures, cleanliness, and environmental protection practices are just a few of the things inspectors look for when deciding to award a beach this prestigious certification.   

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Each of the beaches in Los Cabos is a little bit different from the next, so there is plenty of variety.   

Quiet beaches, family-friendly beaches, party beaches, swimmable beaches, surfing beaches, beaches with a view….  

Whatever kind of beach experience you prefer, you’ll find a beach in Los Cabos that offers exactly what you’re looking for.   

@cabolife While there are many hidden gems, these are the top 5, easy access, swimmable beaches in Los Cabos! What other beaches would you like to know about, in and around Cabo San Lucas? Medano – main tourist beach, busy, many vendors, restaurants, bars, and water sports Santa Maria – a nice cove with pebbly sand, quiet, with public restrooms. Chileno – snorkel beach, calm waters, public bathrooms, chair/umbrella vendor station Palmilla – great for activities, including surfing on occasion Lovers – access via panga boat from the marina or Medano, cruise to the famous arch, and see lost of sea life along the way #cabolife #topbeaches #bestbeaches #beachlife #movingtomexico #CapCut ♬ I Got Summer On My Mind – ronixd

Natural Beauty 

The beaches in Los Cabos are nothing if not stunning.   

Because nature is so diverse in Los Cabos, you can be sitting on the beach with a view of breathtaking nature at pretty much any one of Los Cabos’ beaches.   

Hills that form a backdrop for the beaches, rock formations, and desert landscapes all combine to create a natural beauty unlike that in any other beach vacation destination.   

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Year-Round Beautiful Weather 

What better quality for a beach vacation destination to have than year-round beautiful weather?   

Temperatures remain pretty mild during most of the year, averaging about 80-94 degrees from winter to summer.   

The average 350 days of sunshine a year in Los Cabos also contributes to keeping the water temperatures swimmable year-round too.   

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Lots Of Beaches = Lots Of Water Activities 

The presence of so many beaches in Los Cabos means that there is plenty of space for water activities, and this is one of the things the destination is known for.   

You’ll find everything from kayak to paddleboard rentals, as well as more adventurous water activities like diving and snorkeling.   

If you’re looking for a more laid-back water activity there are plenty of boat tours available in Los Cabos too.   

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How Many Beaches Are There In Los Cabos 

After all this talk about Los Cabos having so many beaches, you’re probably wondering exactly how many beaches are actually in the area.   

While it’s difficult to find a definitive number, the count seems to be around 30.   

Of those 30, 25 of them have been awarded Blue Flag Certification, so there really are no bad beaches in Los Cabos.   

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Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beaches 

Some of Los Cabos’ beaches are more popular than others.   

Factors that generally contribute to the popularity of a particular beach are whether or not it’s swimmable, what kind of facilities are available, how busy the beach gets, and what types of amenities there are nearby.   

The most popular beaches in Los Cabos, in no specific order, are: 

  • Medano Beach 
  • Chileno Beach 
  • Santa Maria Beach 
  • Lover’s Beach 
  • Palmilla Beach 

All of these beaches are swimmable and each has its own individual vibe.  Visiting any one of them is sure to be the highlight of your Los Cabos vacation.

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