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3 Ways Los Cabos Is Becoming More Family Friendly in 2024

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Los Cabos is now a well-renowned destination when it comes to luxury travel, pristine beaches, and water sports, such as surfing. 

But did you know that this municipality is also ideal for family vacations? The local government is well aware of this and has decided to carry out a few new initiatives to lead more and more families to visit this area. 

Cave inside rock formation on a beach without people in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Here are three ways in which Los Cabos is becoming more family-friendly in 2024. 

More censorship 

According to local news, the Los Cabos Business Association recently asked the competent authorities to modify a couple of nightclub ads that were considered inappropriate for young children. 

Aerial view of the marina of Cabo San Lucas

The Business Associated made its request through a message addressed to the Urban Image Coordination of the Los Cabos City Council, stating: “This [message] is to request that the signs be modified […]. We believe, in our opinion, (that the signs) are offensive and very direct for visitors in the city center”. 

They also added: “We have no problem with these businesses existing, but you can see that some already established ones like ‘Splash’, as well as others that have been in the area for years, have taken care of their image so as not to be so direct.”

People on social networks agreed with the requests, pointing out that taking care of the municipality’s image is necessary for leading more families to choose this destination for their holidays. 

Drone shot Land's end including the arch during sunrise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Los Cabos Business Associated concluded the document by stating: “It is not necessary to change everything, it seems [enough] to us to only modify the images that are somewhat direct.”

It is still unclear whether action will be taken, but this is most likely as similar ads in Los Cabos have been censored in the past. 

Family-friendly resorts 

The Los Cabos municipality is now home to plenty of family-friendly resorts where couples with children are not only welcome but actively taken care of.

Pacific Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

With kids’ centers where competent people can assist and entertain children, adults can finally relax and get some well-deserved quality time together. 

This is the case of the Grand Velas Resort, which recently opened an adult-only Grand Velas Boutique. Thanks to this new property, those wanting a children-free vacation are now able to book an exclusive accommodation. 

As a result, families can enjoy their stay without constantly worrying about whether their kids are disturbing other guests. 

family in airport with luggage

It’s important to also note that apart from the kids centers, Los Cabos offers plenty of activities suitable for the little ones. 

For instance, whale-watching tours give both parents and children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with these gentle giants. 

Of course, families will also be spoiled for choices when choosing a beach to spend their afternoons. 

Aerial Image of breathtaking Lovers Beach Playa de los Almantes in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico. Impressive rocky cliffs and crystal clear turquoise green water with white sand and waves.

The Los Cabos municipality is home to several safe beaches, such as El Medano Beach, and Lover’s Beach, only reachable through water taxi! 

Despite this, it’s important to keep in mind that some areas are not suitable for kids due to their dangerous water conditions. Some of these include Playa Solmar, Pedregal Beach, and Divorce Beach, along with others, such as El Tule Beach, where only expert surfers are allowed. 

In this regard, however, parents shouldn’t worry too much, as the Los Cabos government is constantly working to improve the safety levels of its beaches and warn tourists whenever a certain area is not accessible to inexperienced swimmers. 

Beaches are getting safer 

lifeguard sitting surveying beach

The Los Cabos government is now implementing a series of initiatives to increase the safety levels of its beaches. 

It was recently announced that roughly 35-40 prospective lifeguards will soon apply to become part of the team of experts responsible for the safety of tourists on Los Cabos’ most popular breaches.

According to local estimates, only half of these will manage to be hired for this important position. 

Photo of people lying and sitting on Palmilla Beach in Los Cabos

All trainees undergo a training period lasting from four to six months in which they learn the most important skills needed to practice this job. 

Among these are rescuing people in open water, learning how to handle jellyfish stings, first aid skills, and a deep knowledge of the local flag protection system.

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