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100 Soldiers Will Protect Tourists In Cabo Until End Of Summer 

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Summers may not be the busiest season in Los Cabos but they do still receive a lot of visitors,  which is why they have brought in more than 100 soldiers to protect tourists in Cabo until the end of summer.  This is part of the  “Operation Lifeguard, Summer 2022” plan to provide security to keep all vacationers who visit the beach safe.  The operation began on July 29th and will run until August 28th, as these are the busiest weeks of the summer. 

The focus of the program is not only to provide surveillance on the beaches in order to protect tourists from other individuals but to provide protection for those in the water as well.  This effort will be carried out with the use of two sea vessels that will assist swimmers that find themselves in danger.  Two larger ships will also be utilized to keep an eye on things from the sea. 

In addition to the vessels that are being used in the water, there are nine land units being used for surveillance purposes.  The personnel operating the land units will be on the lookout for any persons posing a threat to tourists.  There will also be numerous “relief and rescue” areas set up to assist tourists in need of care. 

In these areas, both lifeguards and naval health professionals will be available for assistance for those that are in need of medical attention.  Heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, bites from marine life, and injuries caused by being pulled away from shore due to rip currents are just a few of the situations that could require first aid care.  These first responders will also be able to get injured tourists to a hospital if further care is necessary. 

It is not uncommon for accidents to occur both on the beach and in the water, in Los Cabos or anywhere else.  There have already been multiple tourist deaths by drowning this year, as well as accidents that led to death.  Just last month a jet ski accident led to injuries to one tourist and death to another.   

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Most accidents and injuries can be avoided by being cautious, taking safety measures, and following rules.  Many people underestimate the power of the sea and the effects the heat and sun can have on the body.  Most situations arise due to one of these two factors. 

A few ways to avoid being in a situation that leads to an accident or injury include: 

  • Heeding the warnings of the beach flags.  Black flags mean the beach is closed for safety reasons, red flags mean that the beach can be enjoyed but not the water.
  • Staying hydrated throughout the day.  Dehydration is one of the main causes for needing medical attention while at the beach.
  • Protecting skin from the hot sun. Not only can the sun cause painful burns but it can have lasting effects on the body.
  • Maintaining a safe distance from the shore.  Stay where lifeguards can see if a problem arises and are able to get help quickly.
  • Being vigilant regarding the surroundings.  Pay attention to what is going on both on the beach and in the water at all times.

A total of 102 members of the navy will be deployed to implement the “Operation Lifeguard, Summer 2022” plan.  The group will consist of sailors, officers, captains, and admirals.  While they are there to offer a helping hand it is hoped that everyone will do their part to keep the beaches of Los Cabos safe this summer.