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Woman Shot By Los Cabos Military Patrol In Downtown Cabo San Lucas

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An altercation between civilians in a white car and Los Cabos military patrol ended with a woman being shot by a member of the marines that was on patrol within downtown Cabo San Lucas. The facts surrounding the incident are murky at best; since the altercation involved a member of the Mexican marines, the case has fallen into federal jurisdiction. All of this has made information on the case harder to come by. 

Mexican Marines On Police Truck

From what we do know, it seems that a group of civilians in a white Hyundai car that featured police-like sirens on the inside threw a glass bottle at a local police truck that was patrolling the streets of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Apparently, due to the aggression, a member of the Mexican marines that was on the truck drew his gun and fired upon the white car. The people in the car initially tried to flee from the patrol truck but ultimately came to a stop a few feet later. 

Police Patrol Los Cabos

The Incident Took Place Outside A Main Los Cabos Tourist Area         

Although there are plenty of popular tourist attractions in and around the Cabo San Lucas downtown area, this particular incident took place within a residential area that the members of the Mexican marines happened to be patrolling at the time. This was not a residential area that is frequented by tourists. Going back to the incident, it’s unclear whether the 22-year-old woman injured in the incident was in the car or not when she was struck by the bullet. 

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Cabo San Lucas Downtown

However, it seems very likely that this was the case since multiple reports indicate that blood was, in fact, found inside the vehicle after the civilians were detained. Currently, there are no reports of any other injuries as a result of this incident. The woman who was shot was taken to Reforma hospital, where members of the Cabo police were set to question her. It’s believed that she was impacted in the arm by the bullet and isn’t reported to be in a life-threatening condition. 

San Jose Del Cabo Hospital

A Warning Sign About Interactions With Mexican Military

Members of the Mexican marines, military and the national guard have been patrolling Los Cabos for virtually the entire year. Recently, it was announced that the national guard’s presence would be a long-term fixture in the region, at least for the better part of the next decade. With this in mind, tourists may want to understand the type of communication that is allowed between civilians and the military.

National Guard Mexico

This particular case was said to have taken place at around 2 pm Monday. It’s unclear whether the civilians involved in the altercation were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If, in fact, though, they did throw a bottle at the police truck that was patrolling the area, retaliation was to be expected. Perhaps the people involved in the incident did not anticipate being shot at by the marines on patrol. In any case, launching anything at marines or anyone carrying a large weapon is not a wise action. 

Police with long guns

For the most part, tourists report having positive experiences with the national guard and marine personnel. Particularly those that are on foot patrolling the beaches. Most of these officers on patrol are going to be open to helping tourists who are lost or have experienced some type of issue like a robbery. 

Army in Los Cabos

In fact, in Cancun, it was reported that when armed military personnel started arriving at the beaches, tourists were able to take selfies with them freely. Keeping things cordial while interacting with police or military personnel is the best way to avoid an unwanted altercation. As a tourist in Los Cabos, it’s possible to encounter military personnel on local roads and even on foot near some of the main tourist attractions in Los Cabos. This type of incident is not a frequent occurrence in the region.

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Lou Salatich

Monday 27th of February 2023

As a long time traveler (50 plus years) I have come to a few opinions about the development of Cabo during those years. The profileration of all inclusive resorts are destroying the Mexican culture and businesses. All inclusive guest for the most part do not venture to the local restaurants, depriving themselves of the opportunity to sample the local crusine. Many do not leave the resort premises at all. Again depriving them of the opportunity to explore the Mexican cultures. If you don't want to mingle with the locals,why travel to a foreign country?. Last but not least, I find that all inclusive guest make up a large number of "ugly Americans" that have no respect for the local people or environment.

Bill Wolfe

Thursday 6th of April 2023

@Lou Salatich, Lou Iam a yearly visitor to San Jose Del Cabo and surrounding areas. I forgot to introduce myself Bill wolfe from The Denver area. My wife and I Have Observed all the sad problems that you describe in your Commentary. I guess all we can do is learn better Spanish and demonstrate to the locals how much we appreciate Mexico its culture and Its people Salute e Gracias Lou Memo.