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Why This Travel Trend Is On The Rise In Los Cabos

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Tourism in Los Cabos has been beating records as tourists flock to the beaches to try the ocean-based activities made famous by social media influencers. 

Known for the easily swimmable waters and soft sands, Los Cabos beaches are seemingly the largest draw for tourists coming to the booming vacation destination, but there is one other trend pulling travelers in.

Travelers from all over the globe have been booking their stay in Los Cabos every month, making hotel occupancy rates skyrocket and in turn, prices remain consistently high

girl sitting on a rock on the sunset with a beach on the background in Los Cabos, Mexico

The upcoming openings of new hotels, various sporting events, local festivities, and various deals from all-inclusive resorts in time for the holiday season have further attracted tourists to come to spend their holidays in Los Cabos. 

While Los Cabos is also known for its incredibly diverse food scene, the vast amount of wildlife, and rich biodiversity, its beaches reign supreme in terms of tourist interest. 

However, due to hurricane season and recent tropical storm Lidia, the Baja California Sur favored destination has had numerous beach closures for short periods of time due to high winds, rough waters, and garbage build-up. 

As local officials have posted red and black flags, tourists during the fall months have periodically been unable to visit the beaches, let alone swim. 

Black Flag on Los Cabos Beach

Individuals have posted on various social media platforms about the beach closures, warning others about safety measures during hurricane season. 

You would think that there would be nothing to do in Los Cabos if the beaches were closed, but it’s just the opposite, as a new form of tourism has been rising in popularity. 

Ecotourism in Los Cabos doesn’t depend on rain or sunshine and is quickly growing as a tourist attraction. 

Tropical Mexican Cove with Sailboats and people snorkeling

You may not have heard of it before, so you might be wondering – what exactly is ecotourism? 

Understanding the Essence of Ecotourism 

Ecotourism is a form of tourism in which travelers specifically visit nature sites and explore their surroundings, taking in the natural beauty. 

Like rural tourism, ecotourism locations are often a sizable distance outside of cities, allowing tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of an area devoid of large amounts of architectural infrastructure. 

Activities that those who partake in ecotourism can enjoy include hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, horseback riding, mountain climbing, and more.

girls horseback riding mexico

Ecotourism has been particularly popular in the northern part of Los Cabos, as tourists can get away from the crowds and cities and explore their natural surroundings. 

As the beaches have become overrun with crowds nearly year-round, these semi-rural day-trip destinations have become a nearby oasis for people to escape to, where they can find inner peace in nature. 

Los Cabos Whale Watching Tours

With various tours that you can book with knowledgeable guides, it’s easy to explore the best ecotourism that Los Cabos has to offer. 

Los Cabos Examples of Ecotourism Activities 

In terms of ecotourism, Los Cabos has plenty of amazing areas to explore that are easily accessible and affordable. 

With its large variety of animal species, marine life, and plant life, there are endless places to explore and creatures to see. 

coral reef mexico

For instance, you can take day trips to visit nearby sites like Cabo Pulmo National Park

Just 60 miles away from Cabo’s city center, the national park is a marine sanctuary that is home to a coral reef that you can see by snorkeling or scuba diving. 

In addition to the coral reef, by visiting Cabo Pulmo National Park you can also have the chance to see approximately 800 different sea creatures including sea turtles, sharks, humpback whales, and more. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the national park you can sail, snorkel, kayak, and more. 

woman kayaking

Another example of ecotourism in Los Cabos is venturing outside of the central cities to the San Dionisio region to visit the ranches in the mountains. 

At these rural ranches, you can visit nearby thermal hot springs, learn about local agricultural practices, and explore the mountains. 

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