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What Travelers Should Know Visiting Los Cabos’ Most Iconic Attraction In 2023

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The Los Cabos arch is the landmark that most people know Los Cabos for. Naturally, this makes tours out to the arch a very popular activity while visiting Los Cabos.

When you look into the options that you’re going to have to make this trip, you’ll realize that there are a ton of different prices for what seem like similar tours. 

Boat Arriving To The Los Cabos Arch

If you just want to see the arch from a boat, you’re going to be able to make the trip for about 200 pesos (around 12 USD) per person.

To catch a ride on one of these boats, you have to head to the Cabo San Lucas Marina. There are typically a good number of clear water boats lined up at these docks.

You can ask the captain there if they can give you and your party a ride out to the arch. The simplest tours don’t include anything except the boat ride to the arch and back to the Marina. 

small boats in the cabo san lucas marina

Get More Out Of Your Tour To The Arch

Just getting a chance to look at the arch from afar is a nice experience. However, many of the tours that include a ride out to the arch can add different activities to make your visit a much more interesting one.

A popular option is to book a tour that includes the possibility of snorkeling or diving in the area near the arch. 

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Recent picture of the Los Cabos arch

The type of boat that you’re on while on the tour can heavily influence the price tag of the whole experience. As previously stated, there are different types of things included in some tours.

For example, you can book a tour out to the arch with a time set aside to snorkel around the arch. On top of the snorkeling gear, you get an open bar and lunch while on the boat.

This tour is given aboard a much more modern 42-foot boat and costs about 100 dollars per person. 

couple snorkeling with fish

For a more romantic experience, travelers may want to take their tour out to the arch on a sailboat. These tours include premium spirits, drinks, and even some smooth jazz that lightens the mood as you sail into the sunset.

If you’re looking for your viewing of the Cabo Arch to include much better food and drink options, and you’re not interested in snorkeling near the area, this can be a great option.

A seat in a catamaran boat for these tours costs 117 dollars per person and includes hotel pick-up service.

Tourists on a Luxury Catamaran in Front of the Famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Best Times To Head To The Arch 

The best time to visit the Los Cabos Arch can vary depending on the type of tour that you want to experience.

Visiting the arch at sundown can be a great time for a romantic outing. If snorkeling is what you’re looking into, then getting out to the arch earlier in the day is ideal.

When you arrive at the arch early, you’re also going to have a chance to lay down a towel and relax on lover’s beach.

The time spent on the beach is also something that you may want to look into before you book any tours. 

Sunset with rain clouds over the Los Cabos arch

There are plenty of boats that head over to the arch on a daily basis. Even throughout the summer as more people come to Cabo, there’s still a chance to catch a tour from the Marina without having previously booked the experience.

If you want to include snorkeling or go to the arch on a tour with an open bar, it’s typically recommended that you book the experience in advance.

Los Cabos Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Other Boats Nearby

Also, keep in mind that “shared tours” involve other tourists heading out to the arch with you as part of the experience.

However, there is the possibility of booking a private tour of the arch. This key difference can be one element that causes two tours that seem identical to be priced at completely different rates, with private tours being much more expensive.

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