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Ultimate Guide To Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beach

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El Medano beach is considered the most popular beach in Los Cabos, and there’s a multitude of reasons why this is the case. It’s the local beach that features the biggest collection of restaurants out of any other in the area, all of which allow tourists to enjoy different types of foods and drinks while they look out onto Cabo bay. It’s home to many of the area’s best resorts, and there are plenty of activities like snorkeling and kayaking to fill your days.

The beach runs from the Cabo San Lucas marina to the rocky area where The Cape A Thompson hotel is located. Those cliffs at the end of the beach overlook the Los Cabos arch, the most popular landmark in the region. The view of this landmark contributes to the beach’s popularity, but looking at the arch from afar is not the only activity that tourists can enjoy at El Medano beach.

Travelers enjoying el medano beach in los cabos

Access To The Beach Is Free … But

The first thing that’s worth pointing out is that access to the beach is free. However, parking around the beach is not. The last time we checked, parking near the beach was about 2 dollars and some change. As a beachgoer, you can take your own towels and set up on virtually any open space you can find. 

beach chairs overlooking a cruiser and other boats in the ocean

Vendors Galore

While enjoying a beach day at El Medano, it’s highly likely that you’ll be approached by beach vendors. Good range from souvenirs to food and drinks. They can also offer umbrellas and even beach chairs to make your stay more comfortable. All of these are going to come at an extra cost. Chairs and umbrellas go for around 10 dollars each. The prices can vary, particularly during busy beach days. 

Beach location with chaise and umbrella for relaxation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with mountains in view across the water.

Public Vs. Private

Most of the beach chairs that are already set up are going to be private property. Resorts with an El Medano beachfront have the right to set up a private area in front of their hotel. From the edge of the ocean to 65 feet inland, though, is what’s known as the Federal Zone. That’s public property across the entire beach. No hotel or private entity can take over that area.           

Tourists looking at an incoming wave at the beach

Water Sports & Other Activities 

Jet Ski rides and boat tours are some of the popular activities that beachgoers at El Medano beach are going to be able to enjoy. It’s important to point out that the price for tours or jet ski rentals can vary considerably. If you book a tour on the beach with one of the vendors that are selling these services, you’ll have the chance to negotiate a deal that can see you pay a lower price than you would if you booked the experience in advance.

However, you do run the risk of getting scammed. Before you negotiate prices with beach vendors, make sure that they have an established spot on the beach, whether it be a tent or a famous “palapa.” Also, official vendors at El Medano are wearing white uniforms. Don’t pay until you’ve at least seen the jet ski or boat. 

Police searching vendors who they suspect are not regulated at BEACH

As far as prices go, online jet ski rentals are priced at around 80 dollars for half an hour to almost 130 dollars for the full-hour ride. Knowing those price points may allow you to negotiate a better deal right there on the beach. As far as tours on clear boats to the Los Cabos arch, those can be booked online or at the Marina Fiesta hotel beachfront. Prices for these trips sit at 25 dollars a person through online booking.   

Jet skis for rent on beach

Beachside Restaurants At El Medano Beach

When it comes to the restaurants at El Medano beach, there are quite simply too many to list. Most of the options available range from sports bars to high-end Mexican cuisine. Some of the restaurants are part of the resorts that are located on the beach, but you may be able to access them even if you’re not a guest at the hotel.

beachside restaurant at night

It’s recommended that you make a reservation in advance online or by calling the restaurant directly. While you may be able to find a room as a walk-in, the last thing that you want is to be walking across the entire length of the beach, which is north of 2 miles long, and not be allowed to rest at any of the spots because they’re all full.

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