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U.S. Embassy Issues Warning For Los Cabos Tourists: What You Need To Know 

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It’s currently election season in Mexico and it isn’t uncommon, like in other countries including the United States, for there to be demonstrations during and after.   

Sometimes, these demonstrations can become violent; though this is rare in Los Cabos, it is a possibility.   

This is why the U.S. Embassy has issued a warning for Los Cabos tourists.   

Police Truck in Front of a Los Cabos Hotel

Let’s take a look at what you need to know if you’ll be visiting Los Cabos soon or if you’re ever in town during future election seasons.   

The U.S. Embassy Warning 

The U.S. Embassy has warned American citizens that “demonstrations and other political gatherings may occur before, during, and after the elections,” which took place on June 2nd.   

In the warning, they detail that there has been violence involved with demonstrations in the past.   

They also warn that there may be increased police and military presence in the days surrounding the election.   

The warning is a general warning for all of Mexico, with no specific cities or regions highlighted.   

Tourists Walking Around the Los Cabos Marina

Safety Suggestions From The U.S. Embassy  

In the warning, American citizens are advised to avoid participating in political demonstrations.   

Additionally, they suggest monitoring the situation before and during your visit in order to know what’s going on.   

Furthermore, the Embassy is advising Americans visiting Mexico to follow any instructions that might be given by local authorities during the election period. 

Municipal Police Patrolling the Streets

Mexican Law Regarding Foreign Visitors’ Involvement In Political Activities  

The warning from the U.S. Embassy isn’t just about political violence.   

It’s also about Mexican law regarding involvement in political activities by foreign visitors and foreign citizens living in Mexico.   

This is strictly prohibited, including involvement in demonstrations.   

Participation in such activities can lead to being arrested or deported.   

Tourist Police Station in Mexico

The Difference Between This Election And Others  

While it’s important to always follow safety suggestions and precautions when visiting another country during elections, there is a lot at stake in this particular election.   

The division between the opposing parties is a factor that plays a role in what could be a historic election.   

Additionally, there has been an increase in political violence leading up to the election.   

Mexican President Who Is Ending His Term

Areas To Avoid In Los Cabos During And After The Election 

If visiting Los Cabos in the coming weeks or during future elections, there are some areas that are best to avoid.   

Anywhere that people are gathering for demonstrations, in the vicinity of public office buildings, and unknown neighborhoods should be avoided.   

During this time it may be better to just stick to tourist areas, which always have enhanced security and police and military presence anyway.   

Bus on the Street of a Los Cabos Neighborhood

How To Get U.S. Embassy Assistance If You Need It 

Just in case you do find yourself needing the assistance of the Embassy, it’s important to know the contact information.   

You can contact the Embassy while in Mexico through the website or by dialing 55 8526 2561.   

You can also contact the State Department’s Consular Affairs office by calling either 1-888-407-4747 or 1-201-501-4444.   

In an emergency, 911 can be dialed for help in Mexico as well.   

U.S. State Department Building

Tourist Safety In Los Cabos 

The warning from the U.S. Embassy is exactly that, a warning.   

There are no restrictions on travel to most areas of Mexico, including Los Cabos.   

Los Cabos is considered one of the safer vacation destinations in the country, but as with visiting anywhere else in the world, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to maintain personal safety.   

Doing so will ensure that you only go home with good memories of your Los Cabos vacation.

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Monday 3rd of June 2024

Such BS! The State Department should focus on something other than trying to unnecessarily scare foreigners?