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Tourists Warned Of Growing Number Of Sea Lion Attacks In Los Cabos 

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Sea lions are adorable marine animals that tourists love to see on their Cabo vacation.  In fact, there is a colony of sea lions near the Arch of Cabo San Lucas that tour boats take visitors to see, but as with any wild animal, getting too close to them can be dangerous.  This was the case with a sea lion in the marina of Cabo San Lucas recently, and now tourists are being warned of a growing number of sea lion attacks in Los Cabos. 

Sea Lions Resting on a Rock in Cabo San Lucas

Sea Lion Attacks Man In Los Cabos 

According to reports, a man who was at the marina on January 31st was bitten in the leg by one of these much-loved creatures.  Images of the attack reportedly show blood from the injury on the dock and the man with his leg bandaged up.  He was loaded onto a stretcher and treated by paramedics, presumably at the site where the incident took place. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina Filled with Boats of All Sizes

Ongoing Problem According To Los Cabos Fishermen 

Fishermen in the marina area at the time stated that this has happened before.  According to them, it is the same sea lion attacking.  One fisherman stated that “This creature has already bitten many fishermen. It is said that it recently bit a lady, apparently the wife of a captain. It dragged her into the water, and there the attack began, hurting many parts of her body. They had to give her more or less 300 stitches.”   

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Sea Lions Near Land's End in Cabo san Lucas

Things That Make Sea Lions Attack 

Typically sea lions are not considered to be dangerous, but there are a number of things that can change their temperament.  This is the case with many marine animals, even the ones we humans think are too adorable to cause harm.  Some of the things that can cause a sea lion to attack a human include: 

  • If a sea lion is ill, it can cause it to attack.  
  • Sea lions sometimes attack during the breeding season. 
  • Harassing a sea lion may provoke it to attack. 
  • Sea lions that are used to humans and not frightened by them may attack. 
Sea Lion Near a Boat in Cabo San Lucas

Response From Local Fishermen  

Los Cabos fishermen that have seen these attacks in Los Cabos are urging locals and tourists to be cautious around the sea lions at the pier in Cabo San Lucas.  They say that this sea lion “has already tasted human flesh, and now he only does it for the mere pleasure of tasting the blood.”  Fishermen have reportedly notified authorities of the aggressive sea lion.   

Fishing Boat In Cabo San Lucas Near the Marina

Sea Lions In Los Cabos 

When visiting Los Cabos, tourists can see an entire colony of sea lions near Land’s End and the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas.  By taking a short boat tour to this area not far from the main tourist area in Cabo, visitors will have the opportunity to see these marine animals in their natural habitat.  Visitors can also feed the sea lions, but it is important not to get too close for the sea lion’s safety and yours.   

Sea lion near Los Cabos resting on a rock.

Tours To See Sea Lions 

Boat tours that will take you to the Arch and Land’s End can cost as little as $30 per person on sites like Viator.  Some of these tours are in clear bottom boats, giving you a great opportunity to see all kinds of marine life without having to get too close.  And for a little more money, you can even find tours that include lunch, an open bar, and scuba diving. 

Tourists Taking a Clear Bottom Boat Tour in Los Cabos

Sea lions are intelligent, beautiful, charismatic marine animals, but they are still wild and unpredictable.  To be safe, it’s better to see them in a controlled environment, and there are plenty of opportunities for that in Los Cabos.

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Wednesday 12th of April 2023

I was bite by sealion in August 2022, while visiting on carnival cruise. I was on the dock, waiting for water taxi. I was not in the water, was standing on dock. The sealion came up out of the water and bit my leg. It was the worse pain I have ever felt in my life. Thank God he did not pull me in. I was bandaged up on the island then taken back to boat to be treated.