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Tourists Invited To Los Cabos Pride Parade Coming This June

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More than 10,000 people are expected to participate in the annual Los Cabos Pride parade and festival on Saturday, June 17, and tourists are invited to join the celebration.

Gay men enjoying the beach

A Community With Pride

The Los Cabos event on June 17 will be the largest LGBTQ+ Pride celebration in Baja California Sur.

Staging for the parade will take place in a parking lot adjacent to the Culture Pavilion in Los Cabos. The lot will also be the heart of the action for food and entertainment during the entire Pride celebration.

There will also be a number of local celebrations, symposiums and other discussion sessions available during the day for members of the community to come together, connect and network for advocacy.

The parade will then depart the Pabellón Cultural de la República in the evening and proceed through the prime tourist areas of Los Cabos.

Drag queen at Pride parade

The theme for the parade is “Let’s March JunTrans” to connect to the struggle of transgender people for identity in Los Cabos.

Valentina, well known American drag queen of Mexican descent and participant in the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race, will be a special guest at the event.

It is being hosted, and presented by the Colectivo de la Diversidad Sexual (CODISEX) AC of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

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Mexico Pride parade

According to CODISEX AC President Raúl Perez, the goal is to have 10,000 participants in the Los Cabos Pride parade this year. Last year, more than 7,000 people participated in the parade.

There were only 5,000 participants in the Los Cabos Pride parade back in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexico Pride parade

The Los Cabos LGBT Market

According to the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, more than 15 percent of tourists to Los Cabos identify with the LGBTQ+ tourist market segment. Chicago is the main city of focus for this market segment in Los Cabos.

Because of this, the Los Cabos tourism agency has selected to promote that tourists are welcome to participate in the event and even make the largest LGBTQ+ Pride event in Baja California Sur a destination event for Los Cabos.

Since June 2022, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust has been recognized by the Queer Destination Committee as the first location worldwide certified to serve the unique needs of LGBTQ+ luxury travelers due to the number of high-end resorts and amenities available in the area. It also was recognized for the acceptance of this tourist segment in the local community.

Pride flags in Mexico

Despite this, most local experts say there is only one true bar in town catering to the LGBTQ+ audience. Chandeliers is considered the heart of the LGBTQ+ visitor crowd in Los Cabos and is considered the place to visit and be seen in Los Cabos.

Importance of the LGBTQ+ Visitor

The LGBTQ+ tourist segment is a common target for hospitality companies around the world.

Man at Pride event

It’s not surprising to see the Los Cabos Tourism trust promote the Pride parade and invite tourists to attend as the route winds through the tourist district.

The LGBTQ+ tourism segment fits well with the transition of marketing strategy for Los Cabos to more affluent luxury travelers.

The LGBTQ+ traveler tends to be a professional with higher income levels and more discretionary income. What this means is that members of this tourist group tends to make more money and enjoy spending it.

Pride parade in Mexico

They especially enjoy longer vacations with luxury accommodations and amenities such as spas, fine dining, golf and entertainment. This is exactly where Los Cabos is trying to reposition its resorts, golf courses and higher-end amenities.

It also helps to promote Los Cabos as an inclusive community for people of all lifestyles and beliefs.

The Pride parade in nearby La Paz takes place a week later on June 24.

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