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This New Hotel Style That’s Coming To Los Cabos Will Be A 2023 Travel Trend 

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There are plenty of fantastic all-inclusive resorts in Los Cabos, but although each is a little different from the next, there are a few that offer a truly unique experience.  One more unique offering will be added when the new Habitas hotel is built in Los Cabos near San Jose del Cabo this year.  This new hotel style that is coming to Los Cabos is being called a “2023 travel trend” by Condé Nast, which describes it as a “perfect balance between low-impact vacations and style” and a “conscious and sustainable refuge.” 

Coast of San Jose Del Cabo

The Habitas Style Is Coming To Los Cabos

The architecture used at a Habitas property is largely prefabricated at a factory and then shipped to the destination where the hotel will be built.  The design concept was, according to Condé Nast, revolutionized by Grupo Habitas when building the Tulum hotel in 2017.  Since then, the group has actually built a factory in Mexico to make the construction of more hotels in the country faster in the future. 

Accommodations at Habitas Tulum in Mexico
Image: Habitas Tulum

The Habitas Concept 

The Habitas concept has everything to do with nature, blending in with the environment and focusing on sustainability to be a refuge for the eco-conscious traveler.  Every effort is made to preserve the natural surroundings at each Habitas property, even providing instructions for guests on how not to disturb certain aspects of the natural surroundings.  The entire design is meant to make guests feel like they are immersed in and one with nature. 

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Habitas Tulum Wellness Treatment
Image: Habitas Tulum

The Habitas Brand 

Due to its focus on sustainability and its communal concept, the Habitas brand is particularly popular among millennials and has a loyal following.  Each property is called a “Home” rather than a resort, and despite the fact that each tent stands alone, the building concept is designed to make the property feel more communal.  The founder of the brand, Oliver Ripley, reportedly created the concept based on what he would seek in a hotel property.

Tent at Habitas Bacalar Mexico
Image: Habitas Bacalar

Existing Habitas Hotels 

Currently, there are two other Habitas hotels in Mexico, Habitas Tulum and Habitas Bacalar, with a property also set to open in Todos Santos in the future as well.  Habitas Tulum is a 32-tent hotel set among jungle palms that provides a glamping-like experience.  Habitas Bacalar is similar in style but with 35 tents that offer jungle, mangrove, or lagoon view options.   

Outside of Tent at Habitas Bacalar Mexico
Image: Habitas Bacalar

Habitas Accommodations 

The rooms at the existing Habitas properties in Mexico are sturdy A-frame tents that are set up to be a lot more luxurious than you would expect a tent to be.  Built on wooden platforms, they feature a “hippie-chic” decor, full-sized furnishings with mid-century dressers, a private porch, and a king-size bed, hardly the rustic camping many of us enjoyed as a child.  Each unit also has an attached outdoor shower with local honey-made organic toiletries.   

Room and Bathroom at Habitas Bacalar
Image: Habitas Bacalar

Habitas Los Cabos 

The Habitas Los Cabos will be built on the dunes of a beachfront location, allowing the property to blend with the coastal vibe that Los Cabos is famous for.  The design will have little impact on the environment, utilizing organic materials and harmonizing with the natural surroundings.  It will feature a pool and deck, a wellness center, a bar, and a restaurant and will offer experiences to connect guests with the nature of the Baja California peninsula. 

San Jose Del Cabo Coastline surrounded by hills.

Although an exact opening date has yet to be provided, the Habitas Los Cabos is set to open sometime this year.  When it does, it will provide travelers with a unique opportunity to truly get in touch with the diverse natural landscape that makes Los Cabos so amazing.   

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Dinora G

Sunday 15th of January 2023

So this means only front beach is here, nothing else surrounded, walking distance. I stayed at Tesoros Los Cabos 2weeks ago, and wow you have it all here! So loved it! Planning next trip soon!

Rock P

Thursday 12th of January 2023

You lost my interest at tent, Los Cabos is not the place for this concept. Major fail..