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This Incredible Los Cabos Property Is Among The Best Vacation Rentals In The World According To New Report

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Los Cabos is definitely being recognized as an upscale beach resort tourist destination.

This is due to the many luxury amenities available for travelers to the area such as high-end resorts, posh spas and the VIP nightclubs with bottle service.

However, a new luxury property has definitely taken the upscale Los Cabos trend over the top and was recently recognized as a “bonus property” on the VRBO 2024 Vacation Rentals of the Year list in the United States.

Casa Acantilado

Casa Acantilado vacation rental in Los Cabos
Photo Courtesy VRBO

Los Cabos definitely is not in the United States. However, Casa Acantilado was so over the top from even United States standards that it was included on the list with other properties in cities such as Sedona, Arizona; Austin, Texas; Inlet Beach, Florida and Blue Ridge, Georgia.

According to a VRBO news release, the vacation rental property is an amazing cliffside villa found in the hills overlooking the very popular tourist area of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

With five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and nearly 11,000 square feet, it is the perfect place for a tourist and ten of their friends.

That is if a visitor doesn’t mind spending an average of more than $2,600 per night to rent the property.

Casa Acantilado Ocean View
Photo Courtesy VRBO

Added in just to make the price even better is a panoramic ocean view and of course every boujee Los Cabos visitor needs a butler.

So, their service is also included in the package, along with daily housekeeping and a personal concierge at Casa Acantilado.

Not only is the property a great place for a luxury vacation, according to the reviews on the VRBO website, Casa Acantilado is also fulfilling the need as a wedding ceremony property.

It was the second year in a row that a property in Los Cabos made the prestigious list.

Last year, the more modest 3,600 square feet Villa Luna Nueva in the hills overlooking downtown Cabo San Lucas made the cut for vacation rental property of the year.

Casa Acantilado Los Cabos View
Photo Courtesy VRBO

Rating Criteria

There are a number of large luxury homes on VRBO, many of which did not make the final cut for the vacation rentals of the year list.

There was some additional criteria applied that put the Los Cabos home over the top.

Casa Acantilado Beach View Fire Pit
Photo Courtesy VRBO

According to VRBO, they consider several factors in selecting the vacation rentals they selected for the honor.

The vacation rental property had to have a 4.9 or higher star rating with several positive guest reviews. It also had to include standout amenities and spaces for spending time together with friends and family.

An additional criterion for the honor was customer service. The vacation rental host had to have premier status.

Casa Acantilado Pool Deck
Photo Courtesy VRBO

“Vrbo’s Premier Hosts go above and beyond to offer exceptional, reliable and relaxing guest experiences and are key to making a traveler’s vacation seamless,” said Vice President of Partner Success, Vacation Rentals, Tim Rosolio in a company news release.

Luxury Los Cabos

This recognition by VRBO is another step in establishing Los Cabos as truly an upscale travel destination with premier properties that directly appeal to the rich and famous.

Casa Acantilado Bedroom
Photo Courtesy VRBO

No longer is luxury Los Cabos limited to all-inclusive resorts, actual single family properties are now making a name for themselves as many luxury travelers prefer a more private vacation destination rather than a beachfront resort or hotel.

It’s the latest evolution in Los Cabos from a value international travel destination catering to the budget focused Spring Break crowd to more of a sophisticated destination travel location with higher end amenities and plenty of eye watering priced accommodations to match.