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Security To Begin Monitoring Los Cabos Beaches During Busy Spring Break Months 

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Tourists are almost always on the beaches in Los Cabos, but there is one season that sees more beachgoers than any other time of the year, and that’s spring break.   

With the start of the season only weeks away, security officials are already putting plans into motion to protect the thousands of tourists that will be visiting Los Cabos in the coming weeks.   

Part of those plans is for security to begin monitoring Los Cabos beaches during the busy spring break months.   

There are several reasons why this is the main focus for security. 

Security Elements on a Busy Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Beaches Visited By More Than A Million Tourists  

When we say the beaches in Los Cabos are popular, it’s an understatement.    

Last year, more than 1 million tourists visited the beaches along the coast of the destination.   

There are more than 25 beaches in Los Cabos, but only a handful of them are frequented by tourists, which means there are some hidden gems out there if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience.   

It’s the more popular beaches Like Medano, Palmilla, Santa Maria, and Chileno that will have the most security and lifeguards.   

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Party Atmosphere Ramped Up During Spring Break 

Other than the downtown area where all of the bars and clubs are located, the beaches are the place to party for spring breakers.   

During the six or so weeks of spring break, the party atmosphere is ramped up big time, especially on the area’s most popular beach, Medano Beach.   

To protect the huge influx of partying beachgoers, the beaches are one of the areas where increased security is concentrated.   

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Deterring Criminals Targeting Tourists 

Los Cabos is a safe destination. In fact, it’s one of the safest in Mexico.   

Criminals are always around to target tourists in any popular vacation destination, though, and they go where the tourists go.   

Enhancing security on the busy beaches helps to deter those criminals from targeting unsuspecting tourists.   

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Other Dangers Security Is Protecting Tourists From 

Not only does enhanced security protect visitors from becoming the victim of a crime but from other dangers that exist too.   

They’re there to remind beachgoers of beach safety conditions, to deter overconsumption of alcohol, and to deter the defrauding of visitors, among other things.   

The presence of security alone makes the beaches much safer for tourists.   

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Six Weeks Of Increased Number Of Tourists 

Spring break doesn’t just last a couple of days but about six weeks.   

That’s a month and a half of a huge influx of tourists coming in.   

Enhanced security not only helps to keep the community safe but goes a long way toward protecting the tourists, too, and maintaining an image of security for visitors arriving at the destination. go to cabo with your best friends!!!🍹🌊🌮🤍 #springbreak ♬ innerbloom cola twinsick edit – TWINSICK

Spring Break Safety Tips 

Increased security will undoubtedly up the level of safety in Los Cabos, but you can enhance your own safety as well.   

Doing so will help ensure that you can have a safe vacation, so here are a few spring break safety tips.  

  1. Travel in groups wherever you go if possible. 
  1. Don’t accept drinks from strangers, or leave your drink unattended. 
  1. Don’t go into non-tourist areas. 
  1. Don’t walk around alone at night.   
  1. Refrain from overconsuming alcohol.   
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Safest Areas To Stay In Los Cabos During Spring Break 

When visiting any destination, it’s important to stick to tourist areas if you don’t know the city.   

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Miami or Los Cabos; there are always bad neighborhoods to steer away from.   

The safest areas to stay in Los Cabos are the marina area of Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, and San Jose del Cabo.

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