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Overall Crime Down In Los Cabos As It Surpasses La Paz In Safety 

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Out of all of the much-loved tourist destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos is one of the safest and now has been deemed even safer than La Paz, another popular Baja California Sur city.  Crime in Baja California is gauged by a traffic light-type system that designates cities red if they have a lot of a particular type of crime and green if they have low numbers of a specific type of crime.  In the most recent update, Los Cabos was rated green in the categories of homicides and kidnapping, among others, meaning that these types of crimes are very rare in Los Cabos. 

Small Tourists on Cabo Beach, los cabos

Los Cabos And Surrounding Areas

Although Los Cabos is rated safer than La Paz, serious crimes are also rare in La Paz and in Baja California Sur in general.  Baja California Sur is a Mexican state that is connected to the United States by way of California and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other.  In addition to being the home state of the hugely popular vacation destinations Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are the two cities that make up Los Cabos, it is also home to a number of other prominent cities, which we’ll list below along with a summary of Los Cabos. 

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La Paz 

La Paz is known for its art culture, historic colonial architecture, and beautiful beaches nearby, like Balandra Beach, which is often referred to as Mexico’s most beautiful beach.  It sits a little less than 100 miles north of Cabo San Lucas and is the capital city of the state of Baja California Sur.  Although it is larger than Cabo and, in fact, is the fourth largest municipality in Mexico, it’s characterized by a more small town, village feel, making it perfect for a more laid-back vacation. 

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La Paz


Loreto is a hidden gem in Baja, California that is well worth exploring, even if it is about six hours from Cabo San Lucas.  It is a charming example of a simpler time, with beautiful colonial architecture and cobblestone streets that are evidence of its historic past.  Its history, along with its breathtaking natural surroundings, are what led it to be named one of Mexico’s “Magic Towns,” a title given to the most intriguing Mexican cities. 


Todos Santos 

Todos Santos is an artist’s dream destination, and it is only about an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas and just over an hour from San Jose del Cabo.  It’s known for its extensive list of art galleries that line the city’s charming streets, along with historic buildings.  Todos Santos is one of only three “Magic Towns” that are located on the Baja Peninsula, and it’s characterized by its authenticity and laid-back atmosphere, and beach vibe. 

Todos Santos Street

San Jose del Cabo in Los Cabos

Despite the fact that San Jose del Cabo is only 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas, the difference between these two cities will make it seem as if they are worlds away.  San Jose del Cabo is characterized by its more authentic Mexican culture, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience the food, art, and customs of the local community.  The city also has a beautiful marina where boat and marine life tours are offered and is home to some luxurious all-inclusive resorts. 

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Cabo San Lucas In Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is often the city you are hearing people refer to when they say Cabo, as it is the most popular of Los Cabos.  Its busy marina area is filled with restaurants and shops, Medano Beach is usually packed with tourists enjoying a wide range of water activities, and the downtown area is a vibrant nightlife hotspot with popular clubs like the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina.  The energy in Cabo San Lucas is much more touristy, and its many luxury all-inclusive resort options only add to its allure. 

Cabo San Lucas City Center

Baja California Sur’s location in proximity to the rest of Mexico makes it not so vulnerable to the crime experienced in other regions of the country.  It offers a number of fantastic, safe vacation destinations that are only steps away from the U.S. border. Places like Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto, and Todos Santos are some of the state’s most beautiful cities. 

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Sunday 27th of November 2022

I'm sorry, but if you are celebrating Not getting kidnapped or Not getting homicided as a victory there are major problems. People don't want to pay money to not get kidnapped while on vacation

Typical traveler

Sunday 27th of November 2022

Sounds good. We will be there again as soon as there is no need for machine guns and military presence just to be safe, which is the opposite of safe. Or maybe no hanging .....well, im sure you know.