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Los Cabos Travelers Visiting In March Can Experience This Authentic Mexican Festival

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One of Los Cabos’ biggest festivals of the year is right around the corner, with its 2024 iteration promising to be one of the grandest in its history.

Known as the San Jose del Cabo Traditional Festival, it serves as a yearly celebration of Saint José, the man who founded a Catholic mission in the area in 1730 and whom the city is named after.

Over the years, the festival has evolved from a simple religious remembrance into a celebration of all that makes Los Cabos great.

A view of San Jose del cabo from across the bay on a sunny day

Celebrate Los Cabos

There is no shortage of festivals and celebrations throughout the year in Los Cabos, although none come close to the size and scope of the San Jose del Cabo Traditional Festival.

Held from March 16th to March 21st, this is a truly authentic Mexican experience that travelers visiting on those dates won’t want to miss, even if for just one of the 6 days.

The cultural richness and best-of-local attractions on display will be the icing on the cake of a perfect Los Cabos vacation.

mexican dancer for national month

More Than A Carnival

Travelers will be aware of just how big Carnaval season is in Mexico, with most taking place in February each year. But travelers who missed the carnival fun and are arriving in March will be treated to something even better.

Each day at the festival will be jam-packed with traditional and modern Mexican music, a colorful parade to rival the best carnivals, as well as a wide selection of traditional dance shows.

On top of all this, this may just be the best time of the year to explore the full culinary delights of Los Cabos. Food stalls selling fresh seafood and meat dishes made from local produce, as well as a near-endless supply of traditional sweet treats and savory snacks, will ensure that no traveler leaves on an empty stomach.

Shrimp Tostada at a Mexican Street Food Cart

Queen of San Jose

One of the most popular attractions at the festival, and one of its longest-running traditions, is the crowing of the Queen of San Jose.

This competition aims to choose who will wear the crown for the next 12 months, and while the competition is taken seriously by many, it is a lighthearted and respectful nod to a tradition held in festivals throughout Mexico for hundreds of years.

a colorful street in san jose del cabo with patterned bunting

No Better Time For Souvenirs

A less publicized aspect of the festival, but one that can be truly rewarding to travelers is the presence of artisanal handicrafts and souvenir stands.

While there are plenty of souvenir shops throughout Los Cabos, this is an opportunity to browse handmade goods from some of the best craftspeople in the region and to potentially find a fantastic bargain to take home and remember the vacation.

an art gallery in los cabos at night

Candy Contest

Sweet-toothed travelers will love this fun contest that sees both amateur and professional candy makers from the Los Cabos area go head-to-head to find the region’s best candy maker.

The winner will be chosen based on taste, presentation, creativity, and how original their recipe is.

To see the contest, head over to the Municipal Palace in San Jose del Cabo on March 17th at 6 pm.

a bowl full of traditional mexican candy

Regional Cheese Competition

Held at the same time and place as the candy-making contest, this competition to crown the best regional cheese is a perfect opportunity to discover some of the lesser-known local cheeses.

Across Mexico, cheese plays a huge role in the nation’s cuisine, with many dishes requiring very specific types from certain regions. Find out which cheese makes Los Cabos tick, while also sampling some of the best local brands.

2 wheels of the traditional mexican cheese panela

Experience Mexican Religious Tradition

The festival holds a religious significance to the local population, and the Church of San José plays a central role in the celebration.

This beautiful Spanish colonial-style church is an attraction all on its own, and no matter what a traveler’s denomination, religion, or belief system, the stunning architecture of this church and the importance it plays in the local cultural traditions is worth experiencing firsthand.

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