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Los Cabos Transportation Drivers Threaten To Cut Highway Access To Airport

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It is starting to really heat up in Los Cabos, and this story has nothing to do with the weather.

In the latest response to the ongoing transportation feud gripping the beach resort travel hotspot, the independent transportation drivers are threatening to cut all highway access to the Los Cabos International Airport unless their demands are met.

The tourist transport drivers’ actions threaten to snarl traffic in the area and could dramatically impact tourists’ access to their vacation getaways.

Drone Shot of Road Near Los Cabos

Threat to Close the Highways

A closure of the Transpeninsular Highway between the two cities of Los Cabos and the Los Cabos International Airport, as well as the airport toll road bypass, is the latest threat from tourist transportation drivers.

This is in response to another recent enforcement incident that the drivers claim showed unfair treatment by municipal Los Cabos authorities.

Airport highway in Los Cabos

Reports allege that an independent transportation provider was carrying passengers between the airport and their hotel when they were chased by a state police vehicle at a high rate of speed on the highway.

According to reports, the vehicle was chased for several minutes and the tourists in the vehicle were not only scared, but also put in great danger by the activity.

Eventually the state police vehicle stopped the tourist transporter in a high-speed traffic lane.

Police Patrolling a Street in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Demands of Tourist Transporters

The independent tourist transporters, primarily rideshare drivers, started their protests due to the crackdown on “pirate” taxis, generally unpermitted transportation drivers.

The taxi companies claim that transportation drivers are unsafe for tourists due to a lack of adequate insurance coverage and oversight by municipal authorities.

Los Cabos International Airport

Meanwhile, the transportation drivers are calling for the removal of the Director of State Transportation in Los Cabos, Martín Salinas Ceseña.

They claim he is the root of all of the issues that led to the conflict and potential disruption of tourist transportation access in Los Cabos.

Next Steps in the Conflict

Taxi Driver Sitting in His Vehicle in Traffic With Palm Trees in the Background

The two sides continue to debate the issue and try to find a resolution with municipal officials.

However, after weeks of talks, the two sides are even further apart due to the continued enforcement of the rules by law enforcement.

Los Cabos Mayor Leggs Castro said he would direct municipal law enforcement to continue to enforce the law as written because he was required to do so.

Young woman stepping out of a rideshare vehicle

Unfortunately, it looks like the next step in the action, an attempted total blockade of the highways leading to and from the Los Cabos International Airport could start at any time due to the latest escalation in the feud.

Threat of Travel Advisory

Some of the airlines in the United States already have issued a travel warning for passengers visiting Los Cabos due to the ongoing dispute and the challenges it creates for travelers trying to get to and from the airport in a timely fashion to catch a flight.

Los cabos road leading down to the ocean

The concern is that an indefinite blockade of the major highways to and from Los Cabos International Airport could elevate the travel threat warning currently issued for the area by the United States Department of State.

That could potentially have an overall negative effect on the level of tourism to Los Cabos due to safety and security concerns.

Tips For Travelers

Tourists in Los Cabos

At this time, all tourists heading to Los Cabos for their beach resort vacation getaway can do is watch and wait.

They should pay attention to the advisories and remain in contact with their resort or hotel property concierge or front desk for the current status of the roadways and recommended travel time to and from the airport.

Travelers may also want to purchase travel insurance in the event of travel delays, missed flights or flight cancellations.

Hopefully it does not deter many travelers from heading to Los Cabos on vacation.

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