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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Watch Out For Unlicensed Street Vendors This Winter 

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One of the things that many tourists look forward to the most when visiting Los Cabos is buying things from street vendors.   

Food items, souvenirs, beverages, and beach gear are just a few of the popular items among tourists, and there are nearly 700 legal vendors with various wares for sale in Los Cabos.   

There are also illegal vendors on the streets and beaches as well, and Los Cabos tourists are urged to watch out for these unlicensed street vendors this winter.   

Street Vendor in Los Cabos, Mexico

Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Street Vendors 

The difference between legal and illegal street vendors has to do with licensing.   

Illegal or unlicensed vendors do not pay the taxes that legal, licensed vendors pay.   

This allows the unlicensed vendors to charge less and essentially steal business from licensed vendors that pay the required fees and taxes.   

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The Extent Of The Illegal Vendor Problem 

The presence of unlicensed street vendors in Los Cabos is not a new development, as there are always some present.   

The difference now is that during the busy winter and holiday seasons the number of illegal vendors increases as tourist numbers rise.   

This year the number of illegal vendors is even higher due to the arrival of sellers from areas affected by Hurricane Otis in October.   

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The Risks Of Buying From Unlicensed Vendors 

The risks of buying from unlicensed vendors vary depending on what you’re buying.   

When it comes to products like souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, and textiles you just run the risk of purchasing subpar products.   

But when it comes to food and beverage items, you risk getting sick because if vendors are not licensed, there is no oversight regarding safe handling practices.

Fruit from street vendors in Cabo > anything

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Where Illegal Vendors Operate In Los Cabos  

Currently, unlicensed vendors are concentrated in one main area in Los Cabos that is popular among tourists.   

This area is Medano Beach, located in Cabo San Lucas, which is the most popular beach in the vacation destination.   

Medano Beach, or El Medano, is always packed with tourists, which is no doubt the reason for illegal vendors concentrating in this area.   

This is also where you’ll find the largest concentration of legal vendors, so it can be difficult to tell the difference.   


What To Watch Out For The Most  

The most important items to watch out for when buying from vendors in Los Cabos are food and beverage items.   

Although the risk of illnesses caused by improperly stored food and beverage items goes down during the winter when the weather is cooler, the risk is still there.   

If you think that food might not be correctly stored you might want to pass, so as not to ruin your vacation. 

man eating mexican food

Most Popular Street Vendor Items 

In addition to food and beverage items, there are a number of other items that are very popular among tourists.   

During the winter months, some of the most popular items are things like woven blankets, sweaters, and shawls.   

Silver jewelry, ceramics, hats, t-shirts, and dresses are also items commonly bought from street vendors by tourists visiting the destination.   

Mexican Street Food Stall with Customers Sitting on Stools

Other Ways To Shop In Los Cabos 

If you’d prefer to avoid trying to determine legal from illegal street vendors there are plenty of other places to shop for souvenirs.   

In San Jose del Cabo you’ll find an area called Plaza Artesanos where there are over 70 vendors set up to sell their wares, which vary from handcrafted items to souvenirs.   

Also in San Jose del Cabo, located along the Tourist Corridor, is El Merkado, which is a fantastic place to experience some of the region’s delicious food during your Los Cabos vacation.

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