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Los Cabos Tourists Getting Improved Immigration Wait Times After New Measure

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Foreign travelers headed to Los Cabos in the coming months can expect to see reduced wait times at immigration.

This is due to the fact that 18 new machines that will allow travelers to go through immigration without coming into direct contact with an agent will be set up at the Cabo airport.

The hope is that all of the machines are going to be up and running by October.

People At An Automatic Passport Checking Machine

This would ensure the area will be fully operational right before the peak winter season in Cabo starts. The process is meant to be a gradual one, so even travelers headed to the destination this summer could see improved wait times as more and more machines are set up.      

Lines at immigration at an airport

When these 18 new machines are fully up and running, local authorities expect wait times at immigration to not eclipse the 10-minute mark.

Even at times of the day when multiple international flights arrive at the airport in San Jose del Cabo. As things stand, records by local authorities show that even during the peak moments of the day with multiple international arrivals, wait times at immigration are currently not exceeding 25 minutes. 

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Travelers waiting in line

Why Wait Times Are Going To Be Cut So Drastically

The main reason why the Mexican immigration office believes that wait times are going to be cut down so drastically is because with the 18 machines up and running, that more than doubles the airport’s current capacity to process foreign travelers who are arriving at the airport.

As things stand, there are 15 immigration offices set up at the Cabo airport. All of these are currently being tended to by immigration officers.

This typically means that not all of the desks are going to be filled to receive foreign flights. 

Traveler With U.S. Passport Waiting at Airport

Ideally, these 18 new machines are going to be able to work around the clock. Not only adding to the current capacity but potentially ensuring a lack of downtime, since human immigration officers are naturally going to be allowed to take breaks during their shifts.

Empty desks at immigration with long lines of tourists waiting is one of the most frustrating sites for travelers, especially after those who are arriving from a long-haul flight.

People At An Immigration Check Point

Members Of The Global Entry Program Can Benefit The Most From Digital Kiosks At The Cabo Airport 

As things stand, it seems that these digital kiosks are going to be available for all travelers. Originally though, they were meant to only be available for people within the global entry program as well as travelers who were registered in Mexico’s “Viajero Confiable” program.

To be able to have an even smoother access into Mexico, travelers are encouraged to register in this program.

The Viajero Confiable program is essentially Mexico’s equivalent of the Global Entry program or Nexus. In fact, you can only access the program as a Canadian or U.S. citizen if you’re a member of Global Entry or Nexus.

For those tourists without permanent residence in Mexico, they’ll be given 180 days to enjoy the country before they have to return home after going through immigration.   

people getting checked at a Mexican airport

The other people that can access the program to make their entry into Mexico much easier are Mexican nationals or foreigners with a valid form of permanent residence in Mexico.

As a member of this program, you’ll be able to enter your personal information into the kiosk. This includes your prints and the form that you have to fill out to enter the country.

Members of the program currently have the benefits of a quicker immigration experience through kiosks in only a handful of airports throughout Mexico.

These include the Cabo airport, the Cancun airport, and the main Mexico City airport. 

Shuttles and Cars Outside of Los Cabos Airport during the day.

As previously stated originally, these kiosks were meant to only be used by members of the program. Currently, they are meant to be available for all travelers.

Still, members of the Viajero Confiable program are less likely to encounter issues while going through Mexican immigration.

Applying for the program can be a good step for Cabo regulars who want to reduce their wait times at Mexican immigration even more.

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