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Los Cabos Tourist High Season Extending Into May

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Los Cabos is a popular vacation getaway travel hotspot, and it looks like it will keep the beach resort destination in demand for travelers well after what is considered the busy peak spring holiday travel season.

Normally, the number of visitors to Los Cabos hits its peak around the spring holiday travel period and then declines slowly into the summer heat and humidity until leveling off before heading into the peak winter holiday travel period.

scenic view of coast and mountains in los cabos

This year, it looks like the decline after the spring holiday travel period will be much less than anticipated this year as the demand for hotel rooms in Los Cabos appears to remain strong even into May.

Room Occupancy Remains Strong

Reports show that the tourist hotel room occupancy rate in Los Cabos will close out in April and start in May, which remains strong. In fact, the demand seems a little unusually strong for this time of year.

“The truth is that April is registering very good numbers for us, we are currently at 66% occupancy, it will vary during these days of April. But more or less we are going to close the month with a number above 70%, which is very good for the destination,” said hotel industry representative Lilzi Orcí Fregoso in a report on the topic.

“We must remember that 70% is the average annual occupancy, so when we exceed these numbers, we are above the average.”

Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos

Because the current level of tourism in Los Cabos exceeds the expected slowdown, hotel industry officials are projecting that the slow part of the vacation travel season won’t come this year until July or August.

Part of the late season increase has been attributed to domestic travelers to Los Cabos, but the popularity of the beach resort destination with international visitors is contributing as well.

Airport Busier Than Ever

United airplane at Los Cabos Airport

Travel experts expected the revenge travel trend that emerged after the pandemic lockdowns to have worn off by now.

However, it appears that the demand for travel to popular destinations such as Los Cabos is even stronger than ever.

According to the official monthly report from the operator of Los Cabos International Airport, international visitors using Los Cabos International Airport in March was up more than five percent to 538,600 passengers.

Delta Plane at Los Cabos International Airport

This was an increase over the strong passenger count of 512,400 tourists last year.

However, the year-over-year total traveler numbers for Los Cabos International Airport were essentially flat at 758,000 passengers.

Steps Travelers Should Take

Tourists enjoy the beach in Los Cabos

Tourists looking to save some money by traveling to Los Cabos during the slower summer season may be a little disappointed this year.

It looks like the slower season may be later in the summer, and the amount of “slowness” may be less than in prior years.

Because of this, travelers will want to make sure to make their flight and hotel room reservations earlier than ever to get the best rate for their upcoming vacation getaway to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos.

Barcelo Resort in Los Cabos

While the flights may not be refundable or worth exchanging if the fares drop later in the summer, hotel rooms can often be cancelled and rebooked if room rates fall.

Travelers should definitely be careful locking in a nonrefundable room rate for summer at this time unless the difference between the cancelable rate and the nonrefundable rate is substantial enough.

The key takeaway from the report, which shows that traveler demand for a vacation getaway to Los Cabos remains strong, is the recommendation that summer travel should be booked now before the price goes up as the summer season approaches.

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