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Los Cabos Officials Warn Tourists To Practice Extreme Tourist Precautions For Jellyfish Right Now

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Los Cabos is hot for tourists. Not just as a popular Mexican beach resort destination, but the temperature for travelers as well.

As the mercury tops 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), with more than 50 percent humidity during the day, the heat wave is going to be uncomfortable for most of the visitors to Los Cabos.

Except for the increased numbers of other visitors — jellyfish.

Jelly on the Beach

Jellyfish washed up on a beach

Sure, tourists come to Los Cabos for the sun, surf and sand. But they are not the only summer visitors to the prime beach resort destination in Mexico.

Los Cabos officials are warning visitors that the recent heat wave in the community is also increasing the number of stinging jellyfish washing up on the shores of local beaches.

Jorge Alonso Meza Núñez, coordinator of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone for Los Cabos, has been monitoring the beaches during the hot summer weather and noted a sharp increase of jellyfish in the water over the past week or two.

He declared white flag conditions on many of the beaches of Los Cabos, warning swimmers and beach visitors about the presence of jellyfish in the water and on the shores.

Jelly Fish Stings

Blame it on the Little Child

According to some experts, the warm weather is only one reason why the jellyfish population has exploded on the beaches of Los Cabos.

Another main reason that most people don’t even think about is the presence of a building El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors coming from the West Coast of the United States have noted the increase in precipitation this year, especially snow during the past winter. The increase in wet weather is a tell-tell sign of the warming seas of a El Niño weather pattern.

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Tourists touch a California Gray Whale in the sea

The same weather pattern was responsible for a record-long California Gray Whale watching season in Baja California Sur.

It’s also the tropical-style warm water pattern that will increase and intensify the upcoming hurricane season threat for Los Cabos as well as the number of jellyfish multiplying in the sea.

Precautions For Tourists

The most important precaution tourists can take during this influx of jellyfish on the beaches is to respect the posting of the white flag.

White flag waving in a beach means jellyfish in the area

The white flag indicates to beachgoers that jellyfish are present in the water, on the beach, or maybe both.

Jellyfish in the water or on the beach does not automatically close beaches in Los Cabos.

It is a warning for swimmers and visitors to the beach to enjoy the shore and waters at their own risk.

Jellyfish stings are not generally deadly for swimmers unless someone is allergic to the sting. However, they can be a very uncomfortable and painful reminder of a vacation in Los Cabos.

Jellyfish swimming near the shore in Los Cabos

It is recommended that tourists avoid the coastline and water where a white flag is posted for their safety. However, visitors should consult with lifeguards for recommendations.

First Aid For Jellyfish Stings

The traditional remedy of urinating on a jellyfish sting or using beer to dull the burning sensation is not the right first aid procedure for the injury.

If a visitor is stung by a jellyfish in the water, it is best to exit the ocean and immediately seek first responder assistance. On most beaches of Los Cabos, that would mean the lifeguards.

Lifeguard Hut Mexico

The lifeguards on Los Cabos beaches are trained to handle jellyfish stings, and most of the time, they can provide the needed first aid to take care of the victim.

In some instances, transportation to a nearby local clinic or emergency room is needed depending on the severity and location of the sting.

Medical care follow-up is always recommended whenever a visitor is stung by a jellyfish to ensure proper treatment and care.

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