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Los Cabos Launches “Operation Lifeguard” Program To Protect Tourists On Beaches Over Holidays 

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As one of the busiest times of year for Los Cabos, the popular vacation destination will receive a huge influx of tourists over the next few weeks.  The winter months and the holiday season are common times for tourists from the U.S. and Canada to visit, and due to the warm weather, many of these tourists will visit the area’s beaches.  To help ensure the safety of foreign visitors, Los Cabos has launched the “Operation Lifeguard, Winter 2022” program to protect tourists on the beaches over the holidays.   

Busy Cabo Beach with vendors and people everywhere and Land's End in the background.

Los Cabos Beaches

It is important to note that many of the beaches in Los Cabos, which includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, are not swimmable beaches.  The large waves, steep drop-offs, and strong undertow make the waters near many of the beaches very dangerous for swimming.  These beaches become even more dangerous when unsuspecting tourists visit the area unaware of the dangers. 

Guard on the Beach in Cabo with tourists walking around and boats in the water.

Not only will the more dangerous beaches be monitored by more lifeguards and other safety personnel, but all of the most popular beaches will be as well.  This is because all kinds of accidents can happen, both on the beaches and in the water.  Multiple tourists have to be rescued every year from boats that sink or get stuck out to sea, from the water due to being pushed out to sea or from drowning, and from the beaches due to dehydration or sun-related injuries. 

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Tourists on a Cabo Beach with chairs and umbrellas set up and a red flag off to the right barely visible.

In an effort to reduce these incidents, and even more so reduce the likelihood of fatalities from such incidents, officials ramp up the monitoring of the beaches and the sea.  For the 2022 holiday season, more than 100 elements of the Navy will participate in the “Operation Lifeguard, Winter 2022” program.  The group will include Marines, Officers, Captains, and Admirals that will provide medical support, function as lifeguards, and will monitor land, air, and water.   

Busy Santa Maria Beach in Cabo with beautiful aqua blue water and hills in the background.

This is not the first time an operation like this has been implemented in Los Cabos.  Over the summer, more than 100 soldiers were deployed for the same purpose under the “Operation Lifeguard, Summer 2022” program, which ran from July 29th through August 28th.  The dates represent the busiest weeks of the summer, during which time thousands of tourists pack the beaches alongside locals on summer break too. 

Family on the in Beach Baja California in Cabo.

For the winter version of the “Operation Lifeguard” program, the enhanced monitoring, which began on December 15th, will last until January 6, 2023.  The Navy elements are prepared to rescue tourists from the water with fast boats, provide first aid to injured tourists, and monitor the beaches to ensure tourists are not participating in dangerous activities.  Safety officials have also offered up a few suggestions for tourists to do their part in maintaining their own safety. 

Tourists On Cabo San Lucas Beach swimming in the water with a hill in the background.

Safety Tips for Tourists 

  • Do not go in the water after drinking. 
  • Keep a close eye on children.  
  • Do not swim where watercraft activities take place. 
  • Follow the recommendations of lifeguards on duty. 
  • Pay attention to the hazard flags on the beaches. 
  • Wear a suitable life jacket when out on the water.  
  • Don’t overload small boats with too many people.   
Busy beach with tourists everywhere and people laying in the sand and swimming in the water.

Los Cabos is an exciting vacation destination where one of the most popular things to do is enjoy water activities at the area’s beaches.  If not careful, though, the beaches and the surrounding water can be a dangerous place to be, not just in Cabo but anywhere that has beaches, so it is important to follow safety rules and guidelines.  Still, it is comforting to know that naval elements provided by the “Operation Lifeguard, Winter 2022” program will be there if needed.  

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