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Los Cabos Is One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico For Your Winter Getaway

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Los Cabos is going to be one of the most popular destinations in Mexico this winter season. Local authorities expect at least 20 to 30% more visitors over the last few weeks of 2022 and into 2023 than in 2021. One of the main reasons why foreign tourists continue to choose Los Cabos as a winter getaway destination is because it’s considerably safer than many of the other popular destinations within Mexico.

Tourists Walking In The Cabo San Lucas Marina

In the most recent survey conducted by the Federal Agency in Mexico in charge of the census and taking up continuous polls throughout the country (INEGI), Los Cabos was once again one of the safest rated beach destinations in Mexico. Throughout the year, only 26% of the locals in Los Cabos, on average, have mentioned that they feel unsafe in the city. 

national guard members in Cabo patrolling the beaches

In the most visited city by plane in Mexico, Cancun, 77% of locals polled mentioned that they felt unsafe in their daily lives within the city. People in the traditionally popular Mexican beach town of Acapulco also felt rather unsafe, with over 71% of those polled questioning their safety on a daily basis. Other than Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta was the only other mainstream beach destination with a safety rating in the 20 to 30% range. Making them the safest beach cities in Mexico.

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Packed Cancun Beach

For comparison, in a recent survey conducted in the United States, 51% of people polled in Florida and 54% in California, which are the states that feature the most visited beach cities in the country, said they felt unsafe in their daily lives. Exhibiting concerns about violent crimes taking place in their respective states.       

Huntington Beach Homes in the LA area California USA

What Type of Security Issues Happen Most Often In Mexico?    

Since some of the more gruesome stories that happen in Mexico are the ones that get international coverage, it can sometimes give tourists the wrong idea about what things are like in Mexico. In the case of Cabo, recently, there was a highly publicized case involving an American tourist who unfortunately passed away while on vacation in the region. New evidence seems to point towards her own companions as potentially being responsible for her demise. This unfortunate incident is more of an outlier than the norm.

Police station on a Mexican beach town

According to the survey on the national level, most of the people polled mentioned that most of the crimes that they’ve witnessed revolve around public intoxication issues. Whether that be with alcohol or banned substances. Robberies and assault make up the third most perpetuated crime in Mexico. Violent altercations on public property are also part of the list of crimes that show up on the survey.

Breathelizer tests performed by police on drivers

Tips To Feel Safer While On Your Mexico Vacation 

Locals on the national level mention that they feel most at risk when they use an ATM that’s located in a public area. Robberies are prominent in these particular spots. The best course of action for tourists visiting Los Cabos is to only use ATM’s that are located within hotels or other private areas. One of the benefits that particularly American tourists have when visiting Los Cabos is that they can use American dollars to pay virtually anywhere in the Los Cabos region. Technically, travelers could withdraw all the cash that they need before their trip to avoid the need to use a public ATM. 

ATM Machines

Banks and public transport options are the two other areas where Mexicans feel most at risk. These are two places that foreign tourists, particularly when visiting Los Cabos, won’t need to frequent. Part of the appeal that Los Cabos features is the opportunity to book very private experiences and venues. There’s little need to travel via public transport in Los Cabos. 

public transportation in Los Cabos

Finally, the people polled were also asked to provide specific things that they do to make sure they feel safer within their respective cities. Again, although Los Cabos is one of the safest cities in the country, some of these tips can still make your winter getaway safer. Popular answers included not wearing ostentatious jewelry while out on the street. Allowing minors to roam the streets unattended is another activity that locals refrain from. Also, carrying too much cash could be detrimental to both locals and tourists.

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