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Los Cabos Cleaned And Ready For Tourists Again After Recent Hurricane Passage

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Every year, certain coastal cities have a heightened sense of awareness knowing they may experience the wrath of Mother Nature.

Sometimes these places luck out where hurricanes never quite form or they simply go another direction. Some vacation destinations seem to be perfect, so there has to be a downside, right?

As we come to an end to ‘hurricane season’, Los Cabos can breathe a sigh of relief knowing in all likelihood the worst is over for 2023.

santa maria beach in los cabos

The last major storm – Hurricane Norma – left her mark throughout southern Baja to the point that some beaches in nearby La Paz are still too hazardous to visit.

As such, when powerful storms make landfall, there tends to be quite an aftermath to deal with. The good news is Los Cabos has been cleaned up significantly and is ready to embrace tourists for one of the busiest times of the year.

Should Tourists Have Concerns About Coming To Cabo Right Now?

Los Cabos resort

Whenever bad weather is in the news, tourists may have hesitations about their trip, and rightfully so.

As of now, there are no storms brewing of any major concern for Cabo vacationers. Although, just last week saw officials cautioning beachgoers about certain beaches mostly due to high winds.

If it fits your budget, making last-minute plans to Cabo is never a bad idea, but most travelers are planning out their winter itineraries.

Cabo has seen record-breaking tourism this year, and winter tends to be one of the busiest seasons.

Travelers should treat their Los Cabos vacation like any other time and be excited for a sunny getaway as the cold temps roll in across the U.S.

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Significant Cleanup Efforts After Hurricane Norma

As many travelers chose to ride out Norma by staying in their cushy resort rooms, local cleanup crews were on standby ready for the storm to pass.

Hotels saw little damage, but many beaches became dangerous with unsafe swimming conditions and heaping piles of garbage washing ashore.

Streets flooded, and power outages occurred, but Los Cabos is fully ready to embrace tourists again as the latest reports have seen an estimated 60% of wreckage and debris cleaned up.

los cabos scenery

Continued efforts are expected to hopefully reach a point where it’s not even noticeable that a powerful storm has come through the region.

Recent rainy days put a damper on plans, but many sunny days ahead signal even more progress. By the time hordes of winter tourists arrive, the aftermath will become less and less of an eyesore.

What About The Beaches?

Fortunately for tourists, Los Cabos’ beaches are on the up and up, unlike nearby La Paz. Many travelers have beach days at the top of their Cabo wishlist.

beautiful beach in los cabos

As of today, there are no signs to deter tourists from having a sun-soaked getaway on some of Mexico’s top beaches.

Hurricanes not only shut down beaches during the storm, but it’s not exactly an overnight success reopening beaches to the public after the storm passes.

For example, it was just reported a whopping 17 tons of waste was collected across Los Cabos’ beaches.

“The beaches are already clean and in good condition and although the hardest days of work were in the first week after Hurricane Norma, we continue working on the issue.”

– Manuel Cortéz Ávila, Delegation Coordinator of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone in Cabo San Lucas (ZOFEMAT)
holding hands on beach in los cabos

Winds and strong swells send rubbish toward the shoreline instantly making some of the best beaches in Latin America not only un-Instagramable, but unsafe as well.

Local volunteers and businesses in the restaurant and hotel sector joined forces to make their top attraction a sight to be seen again.

Los Cabos takes great pride in maintaining its prestigious Blue Flag certification for its pristine beaches.

Inspectors are expected to arrive the first week of December to determine if beaches still meet these standards after the massive cleanup efforts.

san jose del cabo scenery

El Corsario and Hacienda beaches are still a work-in-progress as smaller waste particles are more difficult to remove.

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