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Los Cabos Beach Warning: Tourists Urged To Avoid These Stinging Spots

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There’s nothing better than a visit to the beach on a hot summer day, but no matter how perfect the sea may appear, there can be dangers lurking beneath the surface.   

One of the most common dangers that beachgoers encounter is jellyfish. Although they are typically not deadly, they do sting, and it can be pretty painful.   

The presence of jellyfish has led to a travel alert being issued in Los Cabos, warning tourists that this dangerous marine life is on several of the destination’s beaches right now.   

Jellyfish on a Sandy Beach

Los Cabos Beaches Where Jellyfish Have Been Sighted 

Jellyfish have been seen on several Los Cabos beaches, a few of which are among the most popular in the destination.   

Palmilla Beach and Chileno Beach are both situated along the Tourist Corridor and are typically safe for swimming, but jellyfish have been spotted at both.   

El Corsario Beach, located near the Cabo San Lucas marina, is another one to avoid right now due to the presence of jellyfish.   

Last but not least, the fourth beach that’s also dealing with the presence of jellyfish is Cabo’s most popular beach, Medano Beach.   

Jellyfish on an Empty Beach

Why You Have To Be Careful On The Beach Too When Jellyfish Are Present 

When it comes to the presence of jellyfish, it’s not just in the water that you have to watch out for them.   

Along the shoreline, where they often wash up, you also have to be careful.   

This is because even if they are not alive, their tentacles can still sting if you step on them or touch them, as they still contain venom even after they’re dead.   

Jellyfish on the Shoreline

How To Tell If Dangerous Marine Life Has Been Spotted On A Beach 

Lifeguards and other beach safety officials are tasked with keeping an eye out for dangerous marine life on Los Cabos beaches.   

They use a beach flag warning system to let beachgoers know what the safety conditions of the beach are at any given time.   

The white flag is used to represent the presence of jellyfish or other dangerous marine life, so if you see a white flag you may want to steer clear of the water and the shoreline.   

White Beach Warning Flag

What To Do If You See Dangerous Marine Life 

Sometimes, jellyfish or other dangerous marine life can be found that hasn’t been noticed by anyone yet.   

If you notice that there is no white flag posted and you see something, you should tell the lifeguard on duty and the people around you.   

Doing so can save somebody from ending up with a painful sting or worse.   

Lifeguard Sitting in a Chair on a Beach

Why It’s Important To Alert A Lifeguard If You’ve Been Stung By A Jellyfish  

In most cases, a jellyfish sting will just cause pain and irritation.   

There are sometimes more serious cases, though, so it’s important to tell a lifeguard right away if you’ve been stung.   

This is especially important if you feel any more serious symptoms, like nausea, shortness of breath, or muscle spasms.   

Lifeguard Walking Along the Beach

How To Treat A Jellyfish Sting 

You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors about how to treat a jellyfish sting, but treating them is pretty simple.   

The important thing is to not cause even more venom to be released into your skin, so you should wash the area with seawater but refrain from rubbing the area.   

After washing, you should try to remove any remaining pieces of tentacles with tweezers.   

After that, you can use antihistamines and painkillers to help reduce the pain.   

Jellyfish Below the Surface on a Beach

Other Beaches To Visit In Los Cabos 

Los Cabos has at least 25 amazing beaches, and several are without the presence of jellyfish.   

Some other popular beaches you may want to visit are Santa Maria Beach, Lover’s Beach, and the Cannery Beaches.   

All of these beaches are safe for swimming, and the presence of jellyfish has not been reported, but be sure to look for that white flag to ensure your safety while enjoying these Los Cabos beaches too. 

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Sunday 30th of June 2024

I recently got stung by a jellyfish at Santa Maria Beach so please be careful when swimming there!