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Los Cabos Remains Safe For Tourists Despite Increase In Crime

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Los Cabos traditionally has been known as one of the safer Mexican beach resort destinations for tourists.

Despite the fact that the crime numbers slightly increased in August, the travel hotspot still remains relatively safe for visitors.

August Crime in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas actually recorded the highest criminal activity in Los Cabos during the month of August.

Shopping Area Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pacific Ocean Lighthouse

It closed the month with 144 active cases, an increase of 24 cases over the month of July, according to the official statistics from the Baja California Sur State Attorney General’s office.

The number of crimes averaged out to four to five cases per day during the month.

The parts of Cabo San Lucas most affected by criminal activity included El Caribe with 34 incidents and Mesa Colorada with 33.

Meanwhile, San Jose del Cabo also recorded a high crime rate in areas relative to other areas in Baja California Sur.

Crime Scene In Mexico

Las Veredas had 27 active cases of crime during the month of August. Vista Hermosa and Santa Rosa each recorded 14 criminal cases during the month.

Some Crime Rates Fall

While the numbers for robberies in Los Cabos showed a slight uptick during the month of August, other numbers experienced a substantial decline.

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Person Handcuffed and being escorted by two police officers

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, the number of home robberies in Los Cabos dropped more than 24 percent. Vehicle theft also fell by about three percent.

However, the recorded number of crimes relative to business theft continued its uptrend in Los Cabos over the last year.

Why the Changes in Numbers?

It’s easy to speculate the reason for changes in criminal activity during the month of August.

State Police of Mexico

However, one definite reason for the decline in some of the numbers is the focus both the local municipal police and the national guard have taken to reduce the number of crimes in the beach resort destination.

The focus has been to proactively reduce and avoid any potential criminal activity to demonstrate the safety of the region to the important international traveler.

Safety and security have been cited as two main factors international travelers use when selecting a destination for their vacation getaway. Traditionally, Los Cabos has scored high on this factor with visitors.

The hope of local authorities is that the focus on deterring crime will also encourage the United States State Department to improve its Los Cabos safety rating for American tourists.

Mexican police at a checkpoint

The rating currently stands at level two – heed increased cautions – unchanged at its recently updated review.

Tourists Should Feel Safe

Overall, tourists should feel safe visiting Los Cabos despite the slight increase in crime numbers in the beach resort destination.

The tourist zone was not a real standout for criminal activity in the area as that region in Los Cabos was not highlighted as a significant concern in the report issued by the municipal police.

The United States State Department tends to be a little conservative relative to its safety rating. After all, countries like Italy and France were rated at the same level as Los Cabos.

American Travelers Enjoying A Sunny Beach

However, the point made by the rating is important. No matter where tourists go on vacation, even in the United States, they should practice increased caution.

Tourists should be aware of their surroundings when traveling and make sure not to display significant items of wealth. They should also safeguard valuables and protect cash and other items such as passports with cross shoulder bags or underclothes money wallets.

It’s also a good idea to have travel insurance in place to protect against theft of items.

These can be classified as increased precautions for many visitors as they don’t practice many of these while traveling in the United States.

However, as any seasoned international tourist knows, these are actually standard security operations procedures when visiting countries around the world.

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