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Los Cabos And Surrounding Areas Are Among Safest Destinations In Mexico, According To New Report

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Shortly after the U.S. issued a travel advisory for Mexico, the Mexican government released its own report of the most crime-ridden cities.

The good news for travelers is Los Cabos is not a concern, according to both respective government entities.

There are so many reasons why Los Cabos has shattered tourism records. A huge factor for travelers deciding to come back year after year is feeling comfortable without having to look over their shoulders.

woman overlooking blue water in la paz

While it’s always smart to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings, overall, travelers can roam about freely, knowing they are safe.

It’s not just Los Cabos that has been reported as one of the safest destinations in Mexico, however. It’s the entire state of Baja California Sur.

What The Latest Report Confirms

The Secretary of Security released the latest crime data via the Baja California Sur State Attorney General’s Office.

beachgoers in la paz

These statistics covered every region of Mexico. Fortunately, for Los Cabos tourists, the state of Baja California ranked last in violent crimes.

“Baja California Sur stands out at the national level as the entity that registered the lowest number of intentional homicides -with 20- from January to July of this year. ”

Secretary of Security

There are very few cases of intentional violent crimes taking place, in particular, homicide. The report claims there were 20 cases throughout the whole state.

Whether or not tourists were directly affected in any of these instances is not covered. However, in all likelihood, that would have made mainstream headlines.

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beachgoers in los cabos

In very few cases across the whole country are tourists involved in extremely violent crimes. Those who have been victims typically wander off somewhere that is not welcoming to tourists or are caught in the crossfire of a rare, dangerous conflict.

These occurrences are so rare in Los Cabos and the surrounding area that you are more likely to come across a mermaid washing up on Cabo’s beautiful beaches.

Are 20 Homicides A Concerning Statistic?

For a better comparison, the most dangerous state was Guanajuato, followed by Estado de Mexico and Baja California to round out the top 3 most dangerous states.

beach chairs in los cabos

Guanajuato, with many popular tourist sites, had a reported 1,930 intentional homicides compared to 20 in Baja California Sur.

Not to discount the 20 lives tragically lost, but that is a massive difference in criminal activity. These numbers reflect a 6-month span through the first half of 2023.

There have been no signs to show any uptick in danger for one of Mexico’s top beach destinations.

However, another report from the Secretariat of the National Public Security System claims these numbers are wrong. There were 17 reported lives lost compared to the 20 from the latest report.

woman floating in ocean in cabo

Either way, given the sheer size of the population of Baja California Sur, whichever report you choose to believe should not deter you from taking a dreamy beach vacation.

Why Los Cabos And Surrounding Area Is Safe

The truth is Los Cabos, and the rest of those gorgeous states are safe because they want to be. Whether you are headed to a ritzy resort in Cabo, the quieter beaches of La Paz, or the stunning gem of Loreto, you can rest assured you won’t be harmed.

There has been a lot of effort to ensure tourists’ safety. In particular, a strong focus has been put on keeping Cabo tourists safe and comfortable.

boat on beautiful waters of loreto mexico

Without travelers feeling safe, they may not come back. That would really hurt the local economy and everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Whether it’s increased military forces, training police officers, or adding security cameras to main tourist areas, all of the above and more have kept tourists safe.

In fact, staying at a resort has to be one of the safest places imaginable. Cabo’s world-renowned resorts are a safe haven for tourists.

There is always security on the lookout for any bad apples, and many provide safe transportation and excursions.

resort in cabo

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