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Los Cabos Airport Breaks Passenger Records As Destination Skyrockets In Popularity

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Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico just announced the new passenger figures for the period going from January 2023 to November 2023.

According to the data, Los Cabos has recorded a 3.7 increase in both domestic and international passengers compared to November 2022.

The famous Los Cabos arch on a sunny day

The report shows that a total of 7,014,600 people decided to head to this destination in 2023. But why is this destination so popular among tourists?

Luxury tourism

Los Cabos is surely one of the most popular destinations in Mexico when it comes to luxury tourism. Not by chance, celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Micheal Jordan frequently choose this municipality to spend their off days in tranquillity.

Stunning rock formation in Los Cabos on a sunny day. Shot from above

Los Cabos is known for its luxurious all-inclusive resorts, popular for their suites with ocean views and state-of-the-art amenities.

Resorts such as the Grand Velas are now renowned all over the world and are constantly ranked among the best accommodations in Latin America.

Los Cabos also offers a variety of luxurious activities for the most opulent holiday. From unique yacht excursions to horseback riding experiences and several golf courses, there is no way of getting bored here.

Breathtaking nature

Playa El Chileno on a sunny day in Los Cabos

Of course, the many luxury amenities available in Los Cabos are not the only reason why this destination keeps growing in popularity.

Another main reason why so many Americans decide to spend their holidays here is due to the breathtaking nature characterizing this area.

Los Cabos is the locality with the most blue-flag-certified beaches in the whole of North America. With a total of 25 beaches certified to this standard, this is a unique and impressive record!


On top of this, this municipality has two UNESCO-certified natural areas: Cabo Pulmo and Sierra de la Laguna.

The former is a National Park especially popular among those who practice snorkeling. Here, people can find amazing marine animals such as California sea lions and olive ridley turtles.

On the other hand, Sierra de la Laguna is a mountainous region featuring plenty of hiking paths for all fitness levels.

sierra de la laguna baja california sur mexico aerial view landscape

This stunning biosphere reserve is also renowned for its hot springs and glamping sites, where you spend a night immersed in the most unspoiled Mexican nature.

High levels of safety

Another main reason why Los Cabos is so popular among foreigners is the high levels of safety for which this area is renowned.

Los Cabos is regularly ranked among the safest destinations in Mexico, with report after report confirming these positive stats.

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

This is mainly due to the fact that most of the Los Cabos economy is based on tourism. The local authorities are well aware of the fact that an increase in criminality will necessarily be connected to a decrease in tourists resulting in an economic crisis for most of the people living here.

This is why the Los Cabos government is constantly working on new initiatives trying to increase its safety levels.

For instance, recently, the local authorities decided to increase the number of police officers in the area due to the high number of tourists that will reach this destination for the winter holidays.

Police Officers Monitoring A Security System At A Station

This year, the government of Baja California Sur also decided to level up its surveillance by putting hundreds of cameras in place to deter people from committing acts of criminality.

On top of this, the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, such as El Medano Beach, are constantly patrolled to keep tourists safe from local scammers, who often operate here, and the ever-changing water conditions, which can suddenly become extremely dangerous.

Suits all pockets

Lastly, despite being renowned for its luxurious amenities, Los Cabos remains a good holiday destination for all pockets! With plenty of Airbnb and hostels to choose from, tourists now don’t have to pay incredibly inflated prices to enjoy what the area has to offer.

Black yacht leaving the bay of Cabo San Lucas near Lovers Beach the south of Baja California peninsula, with clear blue sky and mountains in the background. sailing on the turquise blue sea of cortes

It’s also important to remember that the most popular activities in the area, such as enjoying the beaches, hiking, surfing, and trying out the local food, can be done for just a few dollars per day with a bit of organization.

For instance, by bringing your own surfboard or opting for street vendors instead of fine-dining restaurants.

This is why Los Cabos remains one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, breaking passenger records year after year!

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