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Long Lines At Los Cabos Airport From Lack Of Staff: Will It Affect Your Trip? 

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Every traveler knows what it’s like to arrive at a vacation destination ready to get the festivities underway.   

The anticipation builds with every minute that passes on your flight, only to arrive and then get held up much too long in the airport.   

This has recently been the case in Los Cabos when tourists were faced with long lines, some reports say over an hour long, at Los Cabos Airport due to a lack of immigration staff.   

Inspector at a Mexican Airport Immigration Line

Should You Be Worried? 

If you’ll be traveling to the destination soon, then you would probably like to know if the staff shortage in the immigration line will affect your trip.   

The answer is that it really depends on a couple of factors.   

Specifically, what day you’ll be arriving, and the time of your arrival, will play a huge role in how this might affect you.   

That being said, let’s take a look at why these factors are important and a few ways to counteract any possible delays the best that you can. 

Travelers At A Mexican Airport Checkpoint

How Day And Time Factor In 

As with any airport, especially vacation destinations as popular as Los Cabos, there are certain days of the week when Los Cabos International Airport is busier than others.   

Weekends, particularly Saturdays, and holidays tend to be busier, so you may see longer lines on these days, whereas mid-week is typically less busy.   

As for timing, afternoons tend to be busier, so if you have a morning flight you may get lucky. 

Now let’s look at how you can have at least a little bit of control over your own fate.   

Planes Lined Up And Taking Off At The Airport

Have Everything Ready 

It’s mainly the immigration lines that you’ll go through upon arrival that are experiencing the staff shortage delays.   

There’s nothing that you can do about the staff shortages, but you can be prepared to get through the line quickly when it’s your turn.   

By having all of your identification and documentation readily available you can breeze right through the line.   

Traveler With U.S. Passport Waiting at Airport

Book Transportation In Advance 

The last thing you want to do if you do have to wait in line for a bit at the airport is wait even longer for transportation along with all of the other travelers who had to wait in those same lines.   

Booking transportation in advance allows you to avoid this problem.   

You’ll be able to walk out of the airport and have your driver there waiting for you, which is a huge timesaver.   

Cars Lined Up Outside of a Mexican Airport

Plan With Your Transportation Provider 

If you do decide to book your transportation in advance, it’s important to communicate with your provider.   

Not only can you let them know if you’ll be stuck in line for a while, but they might be able to give you a heads-up about any delays outside of the airport.   

Be sure to have their contact information easily accessible.   

Texting and Driving Done By An Uber Driver

Contact Your Hotel Or Airbnb Host 

If you’ll be at the airport longer than expected it might be a good idea to contact your hotel or Airbnb host too, so that you don’t risk losing your reservation.   

This is especially important if you’ll be arriving later in the day.   

It’s even more important if you’ll be staying in an Airbnb, because you may have a specific time set up to meet with your host, and you don’t want to leave them waiting.   

Person on a Beach Using Airbnb

Be Prepared Just In Case 

You might arrive at Los Cabos Airport and not have to wait in line at all, either because it’s a slow day or because the immigration staff shortage is resolved.   

But just in case, it’s important to be prepared because being prepared can do wonders for reducing stress.   

Nobody wants to start off their Los Cabos vacation being stressed out.

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