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Lifeguard Presence Increased On Los Cabos As Authorities Warn Jellyfish Continue to Arrive 

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Many of the tourists who visit Los Cabos choose the destination because it has stunning beaches, even if some of them aren’t safe for swimming.   

Usually, the safety issues have to do with the strong, unpredictable currents and large waves, but now the arrival of jellyfish in mass numbers is causing safety concerns as well.   

Tourists on a Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

As a result, the presence of lifeguards on the beaches of Los Cabos has been increased, as authorities warn that jellyfish are continuing to arrive.   

The Arrival Of Jellyfish In Los Cabos 

Jellyfish started arriving this year right at about the peak of the spring break season and are still continuing to arrive.   

We reported the first arrivals around mid-March, and during that time, as many as 15 jellyfish stings were being reported every day.   

Since then, Manuel Cortez Ávila, head of Zofemat (the Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone), has said that there has been an increase in the number of stings lifeguards are treating each day. 

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Jellyfish In Los Cabos In Recent Years 

Jellyfish are not an uncommon thing to see in Los Cabos but typically they are not seen in such large numbers.   

Just last year, around the same time, the beaches of Los Cabos were plagued by the Portuguese man of war.   

Although not technically a jellyfish, they are closely related and known for their long tentacles and very painful sting. 

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Jellyfish Dangers 

To the average person, a jellyfish sting is not deadly, but stings from these marine creatures can be very painful.   

There are those that are allergic to jellyfish too, and might not even realize it if they have never been stung before.   

This is why it is important to report jellyfish stings to lifeguards on the beach immediately, as they are trained to treat stings and seek medical care if necessary.   

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How To Treat Jellyfish Stings 

There are some pretty interesting ideas on how to treat a jellyfish sting yourself, all of which you should probably avoid.   

Pouring alcohol on the sting is not advised, and urinating on the sting is not something that you want to do, nor is it going to help anything.   

Instead, you want to seek first aid treatment if you are stung by a jellyfish, as there are a number of over-the-counter treatments available that relieve the sting and the subsequent itching. 

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The Importance Of Following Warning Flags 

Warnings flags are an important indicator of beach safety conditions, and different colors are used to warn of different dangers.   

Yellow, red, and black flags are all used to warn beachgoers about the safety conditions of the water and the beach itself, with yellow meaning to swim with caution, red meaning don’t go in the water, and black signifying that the beach is closed.   

But a white flag is used to warn visitors that there is dangerous marine life in the water, so if you see a white flag, you should watch out for jellyfish or other dangerous marine life, both in the water and on the beach. 

White flag waving in a beach means jelly fish in the area

Other Dangers On Los Cabos Beaches 

Jellyfish are not the only danger on Los Cabos beaches and don’t even represent the biggest danger.   

Los Cabos visitors should be even more concerned with the conditions of the water, as the strong waves and unpredictable currents pose the largest threat to unsuspecting visitors.   

The conditions on some beaches are so consistently bad that the beaches are destined unswimmable.   

The safest way to enjoy Los Cabos’ beaches is only to swim where there is a green flag. 

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Lifeguards On Los Cabos Beaches 

Currently, each beach in Los Cabos has one or two lifeguards to handle safety situations.   

While this is great news, beachgoers still should do what they can to take their safety into their own hands.   

Because staying safe makes for a much more memorable Los Cabos vacation.

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