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Are Luxury Class Flights To Los Cabos Worth The High Price?

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It’s a short hop over to Los Cabos for many travelers. Despite this, airlines offer everything from low-cost economy options all the way to first-class amenities on their flights.

Is paying extra to enjoy a little bit of luxury and service in the air worth it for such a short flight to Los Cabos?

Let’s take a look at the different options from the three major non-low-cost airlines at Los Cabos – Alaska, American, and Delta.

Premium Economy

Rental Cars at Los Cabos International Airport

Delta Airlines gives its passengers a small step up from its main cabin economy with a class it calls Comfort+.

This option provides travelers to Los Cabos with some extra legroom, dedicated overhead bin space, priority boarding, and complimentary snacks and alcoholic drinks on flights over 250 miles.

Pricing for a sample trip in August put the cost of Comfort+ at about $150-$250 more than the regular main cabin economy.

Business Class

American and Alaskan Airlines Planes at Los Cabos International Airport

American Airlines is one of the carriers providing business class service on their flights to and from Los Cabos.

For recent flights in August, the difference between basic economy and business was in the range of $500-$700.

Business class amenities for the flight to Los Cabos on American Airlines included two free checked bags, a larger more comfortable seat, priority boarding, and no change fees. Checked bags alone are $30 each in basic economy.

First Class

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Alaska Airlines Plane On The Runway In Los Cabos

While Alaska Airlines does not offer a business class to Los Cabos, their first-class service is similar to business class, at generally a lower price than business class prices.

The same week in August showed first class fares as low as $300 over main class fares to nearly $1,000 more.

Delta offers its first-class service on trips to Los Cabos. The amenities on Delta for first class add first-class boarding, two checked bags, priority check in, and premium meals on longer flights to Los Cabos.

During our sample week in August, fares for first class on Delta were double the price of the Comfort+ fares and triple the standard main cabin economy fare.

Delta Plane at Los Cabos Internaional Airport with Mountains in the Background

Delta also runs many of its flights as a codeshare with partner Aeromexico. Their fares are priced similarly to Delta’s fares. However, they may include a lie-flat bed as a perk.

Options for Luxury

For passengers traveling to Los Cabos, there are a number of different luxury flight options available depending on the budget and taste of the travelers.

There are some that are an affordable upgrade with a couple of extra perks included to high fares with some good bells and whistles included.

Luxury car service with drivers

Because of the short duration of the flights, none quite reach the luxury level, or price, of a luxury flight to Asia or Europe.

For people who may have frequent flyer points or airline status, it may be worth enjoying a luxury-class flight for a Los Cabos vacation.

Also, for those that are traveling for special occasions such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, it may also make sense to pay for a little more service and luxury for a flight to the beach resort destination.

Another smart option is the fact that some of the airlines offer bidding services where travelers can actually bid for an upgrade to a more luxury cabin by determining the price they want to pay for the service.

People exiting airport for vacation

Much like an eBay auction, those that bid the highest to the actual price have the best chance to win the upgrade. Beware though! Not all of the perks may be included in upgrades won by auction.

However, for most, it probably makes little sense due to the short duration of the flight and the additional airline amenities provided for the flight.

No matter what travelers choose, they may find that the luxury perks may not make sense for some, but that value is definitely in the eye of the traveler.

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