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6 Important Things Travelers Should Consider Before Booking A Los Cabos Boat Tour 

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Boat tours are one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting Los Cabos, and there are all different types of boat tours to take.   

Whether you want to spend the day on the water or just take a quick ride to see the famous Arch of Cabos San Lucas and Land’s End, you want to be able to enjoy the trip.   

So there are five important things travelers should consider before booking a Los Cabos boat tour. 

Tourists on a Boat Tour in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos Boat Tours 

Boat tours in Los Cabos come in all shapes and sizes.   

There are big boats and small boats, boats that take 30 people out at once and private boat tours, and some that offer entertainment or additional activities, while others do not.   

The experience is all about choosing the right tour and being comfortable while you’re on it.   

Consider the following things to have the best experience.   

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Motion Sickness  

Some people get motion sickness on boats and others don’t, but one factor that can determine that is the size of the boat.   

If you’ve been on cruise ships and never experienced motion sickness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t on a smaller boat like many of the ones used for boat tours in Los Cabos.   

You may want to go prepared for it just in case so you don’t have to go through the horror of being sick the entire time.   

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Time Of Tour 

The time you take a boat tour will determine how you should prepare for it.   

If you take a daytime boat tour you can expect a lot of sun and probably very little shade, depending on the tour, so you want to bring sun protection and light clothing.   

On the other hand, if you’re leaving in the late afternoon for a sunset cruise, it might be warm when you start but a lot cooler once the sun goes down.   

Be sure to bring what you need to be comfortable at the time of your cruise, otherwise, it can be a miserable experience. 

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Cancellation Policy 

Different tour companies have different cancelation policies so it’s important to read the terms before you make a purchase.   

Many will require you to cancel at least 24 hours before the tour so if you have to cancel last minute, you’re out however much you paid for the tour.   

If you’re planning a tour on a weekday or other time that isn’t that busy, it might even be a better idea to book last minute, right before you’re ready to go on a tour. 

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One thing that varies greatly from one tour to the next is whether or not hotel transportation is included.   

Ideally, you want to book one that does offer hotel pick up and drop off, as it can be difficult to locate a tour operator once you get to the marina.   

Additionally, depending on where your Los Cabos hotel is located, transportation can be pricey, especially if you have a large group. 

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What’s Included 

Tour prices vary as well, and so does what is included in that price.   

You might be able to get a tour that takes you to The Arch for $30, but all you’re getting with it is water and granola bars, whereas you might be able to pay $60 and have an open bar and lunch included.   

Some tours include excursions like snorkeling in the price too, while other tours priced almost the same won’t.  For this reason, it’s important to shop around. 

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Tour Reviews/TourCompany Reputation 

Finally, it’s strongly advisable to read reviews to get an idea of a tour company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.   

You want to know that you’re touring with a reputable company that will put your safety and your experience first and foremost.   

The last thing you want is for a tour that you spent a lot of money and time on to be unsafe or not be what you expected.

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