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5 Towns Near Los Cabos Worth Visiting For An Authentic Cultural Experience

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Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are some of the best destinations in Baja California Sur and you can easily spend over a week here without lacking entertainment. 

From the all-inclusive resorts to the stunning beaches and several activities offered by these cities, people here are spoiled with choices. 

5 Towns near Los Cabos worth visiting for an Authentic Cultural Experience.

But the hustle and bustle of these areas can get a bit overwhelming at times. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of small towns a few hours’ drive from these cities where tourists can get a glimpse of the slow pace of living of the many Mexicans who decided to stay in their little villages instead of moving to big metropolises and embrace the busier lifestyle typical of these places. 

But what are some of the best towns worth visiting? 

Here are five villages near Los Cabos for tourists to explore for an authentic cultural experience. 


Beautiful Miraflores Mexican town Church in East Cape region of Los Cabos.

Located about 45 minutes north of San José del Cabo, Miraflores has a population of less than 1,500 inhabitants and is the ideal place for those wanting to get a taste of the real Mexican culture. 

Founded at the beginning of the 1700s, this little town is particularly known for its leather production.

Here you will find all sorts of high-quality leather goods ranging from wallets to belts, saddles, and different types of equestrian equipment. 

Around the town, visitors can also explore a few hot springs and several hiking paths in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. 

Todos Santos 

Straw hats and other items for sale in Todos Santos

Similarly to Miraflores, Todos Santos was founded at the beginning of the 1700s. 

This is the ideal place for those interested in surfing as Todos Santos is located close to several beaches characterized by the perfect waves. 

Some of these include San Pedrito, Los Carritos, Punta Lobos, Batiquitos, and more. 

Apart from these, this little village attracts rock music fans who tend to come here to see the famous ‘Hotel California’ that is said to have inspired The Eagles to write their most famous song. 

Los Barriles

Waves wash up on shore at the beautiful town of Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Roughly a 90-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas, tourists will find the charming town of Los Carriles. 

Similarly to Miraflores, this tiny village has slightly over a thousand inhabitants and it’s ideal to see the authentic Mexican lifestyle. This town offers its visitors the possibility to dive, sail, and observe underwater biodiversity in the area away from the thousands of tourists crowding bigger cities. 

Los Barriles is also ideal for those who love animal spotting. 

Here you will find several whale sharks leisurely swimming around as well as the beautiful brown pelican. 

El Pescadero

El Pescadero

El Pescadero is one of those hidden gems that would charm everyone with its unique beauty.

Located about one hour north of Cabo San Lucas, this farming village may be relatively underdeveloped compared to its neighboring cities but is slowly growing a reputation as a little paradise for surfers, van travelers, and nomads alike. 

El Pescadero is characterized by a number of white-sand beaches where, with a bit of luck, you may find wild horses enjoying the water. 

Street Food Vendor Los Cabos, Mexico

Despite its reduced size and popularity, El Pescadero is home to several restaurants and food stands, so you will never be short on new places to try! 

Visitors coming on Sunday should head to Baja Bean where they will find a farmer’s market where locals sell fresh products as well as crafts and hand-made jewelry, blankets, and more. 

El Triunfo

Triunfo Village. Old town in Baja California Sur, Mexico

We’re going to close our list with El Triunfo. The least populated among the towns on our list, El Triunfo is an ex-mining town as the 47–meter–high smokestack in the village still testify to this day.

Known as La Ramona, this tower was built in 1890 by the El Progreso Mining Company.

Despite its limited size, El Triunfo is trying to establish itself as a popular tourist site. 

This is the main reason why in recent years, many of its ancient buildings have been restored and converted into a number of museums, boutiques, and restaurants.

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