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5 Things You Might Not Know About Fall Weather In Los Cabos 

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Any season is a good season for a vacation in Los Cabos, and despite the fact that it is mostly a beach vacation destination, fall is the perfect time for a Cabo vacation.   

This has much to do with the weather, which is a lot milder during the fall months.   

But if you’re on the fence as to whether fall is the perfect time for you to visit, then check out these five things that you might not know about fall weather in Los Cabos.   

Beautiful View of Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Water Is Warmer Than In Summer 

It may seem like summer is the ideal time for a Los Cabos beach vacation, but there’s something that happens in the fall that makes it an even better time.   

The water is warmer in the fall because the hot summer temperatures gradually warm the water until it gets to its warmest point in autumn.   

The water reaches its warmest point between September and October, rising as high as around 83 degrees before the temperature begins to fall again. 

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The Temperature Is Perfect For Beach Days 

The hot Los Cabos summers may be perfect for a beach day, but spending the day on the beach in the fall is a lot more comfortable.   

The average high temperature in October is around 91 degrees, but by the end of November, it’s only 83.   

This means the temperatures are warm enough to enjoy swimming and sunbathing without being oppressively hot.  

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There Are Fewer Cloudy Days 

You’ll also find that there are very few cloudy days during the fall months in Los Cabos.   

The amount of cloud cover drops by nearly 30 percent at the beginning of the season.   

By October, it drops by nearly 40 percent, down to a 33 percent chance of cloud cover in mid-October, so it’s very likely that you won’t see a cloudy day during your Los Cabos fall vacation.   

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There Is Very Little Rain 

In addition to fewer clouds, there is also less of a chance of rain in Los Cabos during the fall.   

In September there is about a 24 percent chance of having a rainy day, that is, a day that gets more than 0.04 inches of rain.   

But by the first week in November, that chance drops down to only 3 percent, so it’s highly unlikely that it will rain on your beach day when you’re visiting Los Cabos in autumn.   

Beautiful View of Los Cabos Beach, Boats, and Land's End

Plenty Of Sunshine  

In any beach vacation destination you want there to be plenty of sunshine, and that certainly isn’t a problem in Los Cabos.   

The area, which includes Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, gets approximately 350 days of sunshine a year.   

So while you may get fewer hours of sunshine each day in the fall in Los Cabos, you’ll have plenty of it to enjoy the beaches during the day. 

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Bonus Reason To Visit Los Cabos In The Fall 

One of the best reasons to visit Los Cabos in the fall is that you can sometimes find deals on hotels and flights.   

Fall is typically the slower season so hotels and airlines might offer deals to fill rooms and seats.   

This may also give you the opportunity to stay somewhere a little more luxurious for a little less money. 

Delta Plane at Los Cabos Airport with Mountains in the Background

Getting To Los Cabos 

Getting to Los Cabos from the United States has never been easier than it is now.   

Direct, nonstop flights are available from 28 U.S. cities, with hundreds of flights scheduled each month.   

This makes getting to Los Cabos for a quick getaway an option for millions of Americans, and fall is the perfect time to go.

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