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Why This Magical Town Near Los Cabos Is More Than Just a Day Trip

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Sometimes travelers make the mistake of copying the itinerary of someone they know. Maybe a friend went to Cabo recently and told them how much fun they had.

Naturally, you would want to hear every second of why their trip was a blast. You find out they stayed at X resort and ate at Y restaurant and ventured off to Z town for the day.

cerritos beach in todos santos

Then you say to yourself,” that’s what I should do too!”. There’s nothing wrong with that except for the fact you may cut yourself short on making your own adventure.

Given its close proximity and charm, a common day trip from Los Cabos or La Paz is the magical town of Todos Santos.

The scenic beachside town has a lot to offer and is perfectly suited to be more than just an add-on to your Cabo trip.

A Weekend Getaway At The Very Least

artisan shops of todos santos

Todos Santos is roughly 50 miles from both La Paz and Los Cabos. Without traffic, you can expect to reach this gem in an hour or so.

Obviously, that makes it an appealing getaway for the day. But why not stay longer? It may be a small town, but it definitely packs a punch.

It has gained popularity over the years and is no longer a secret for locals in the region. Sure, you can come here for the afternoon and enjoy the tranquil beaches and local artisan shops.

But what’s the rush? Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t want that extra cold cerveza or margarita.

surfer in todos santos

That would be a longer Uber or taxi drive back, so why not stay for at least a weekend? Plus, with Cabo’s sky-high prices, you can save money while enjoying less-crowded beaches.

Go surfing, spend a day at the beach, and peruse the charming streets in this safe escape from life’s worries back home.

High-end Hotels

This gorgeous town also has gorgeous hotels. Located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean with the Sierra Laguna mountains as your epic backdrop, why not take in the views for a while?

beachfront hotel in todos santos

Todos Santos is not some beat-up old town that’s seen its better days; this town is thriving and ready to embrace you.

It may not have the luxurious all-inclusive resorts that Cabo has, but you will have no problem finding a nice, comfortable hotel to stay in during your visit.

Whether it’s one night, a full weekend, or making this Baja treasure your mainstay, you will not be disappointed.

There are many beachfront hotels with far more affordable prices than the $540 per night rate in Los Cabos.

hotel pool with palm tree

Here, think more between $100 – $200 for a high-end hotel with comparable views to what you would experience in more popular places.

Take Villas La Mar, for example. A stunning cliffside hotel that will take your breath away.

Should Todos Santos Be Your Main Destination?

This designated pueblo magico sees a lot of tourists, but is nowhere near close to Los Cabos’ numbers. Other than the sheer beauty of this place, more elbow room is a huge draw to experience pure bliss.

Why cut yourself short for just a day? This small town offers insane beauty, pure serenity, and a small-town cultural experience.

vibrant street in todos santos

There are interesting art galleries, plentiful restaurants, and enough hotel choices to find your niche in paradise. If you time your trip right, there are lively festivals to partake in too.

Being a small town, travelers do have to fly into La Paz or Los Cabos, unless you are taking one epic road trip south!

The question you have to ask yourself is if you are seeking the all-inclusive style of traveling with glitz and glamour or if are you seeking a more peaceful beach getaway with fewer tourists in your way.

La Paz is obviously a great alternative to Cabo as well, but it’s still a relatively big city compared to Todos Santos.

walkway to beach in todos santos

Both are great alternatives and will save you money not only on accommodations with Cabo’s continuous sky-high rates. Those prices don’t look like they are changing any time soon, either.

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