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Travelers Need To Take Precautions Against Dengue Fever While In Los Cabos

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Cases of dengue fever are on the rise in both Los Cabos and La Paz. Local authorities have announced that what is perhaps most concerning about the situation is that at least 50% of the reported cases are of the dengue serotype 3. This particular dengue serotype is known for causing more severe symptoms in those infected with the disease. 

Dengue Carrying Mosquito

The director of health services in Baja California Sur, Dr. Ana Luisa Guluarte Castro, revealed that this dangerous dengue serotype had not been seen in Los Cabos for quite a few years. One of the issues that could’ve led to the resurgence of this serotype, particularly in La Paz, is the fact that local authorities have not been able to provide regular pest control services throughout the city due to a lack of funds.

ocean view of La Paz

La Paz leads the way with 21 confirmed dengue fever cases over the last week. Dr. Gularte Castro had this to say on the matter, 

“The most important thing to consider is the presence of dengue serotype 3. It’s been a lot of years since this serotype circulated within Baja California Sur. This puts many more people at a greater risk of developing serious symptoms.”

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San Jose Del Cabo Hospital

Local Authorities In Los Cabos Have Been Able To Provide Regular Pest Control Services           

Throughout the different months of the year in which dengue fever is common in Baja California Sur, cities provide pest control services to the main tourist spots and other parts of town on a weekly basis. In the case of Los Cabos, it seems that the pest control services provided by the local authorities have gone on mostly as usual. The lack of funds is more of an issue in La Paz. Over the last week, only 7 cases of dengue fever were reported within Los Cabos. Compared to the previously mentioned 21 cases that have been reported in La Paz. 

Truck Providing Pest Control Services

Due to the lack of funds, authorities have urged local residents and owners of facilities like restaurants, hotels, and other spots to make an extra effort to ensure their living quarters or commercial venues are regularly cleaned. Also, authorities have discouraged mostly locals from keeping water sources out in the open. This is an effort to not contribute to the spread of mosquitoes and, therefore, the potential spread of dengue fever.      

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Best Ways For Tourists To Avoid Dengue Fever

The best way to avoid dengue fever is literally to ensure that you are not bitten by mosquitoes. That can be a tough task in certain spots within Los Cabos. It’s recommended that tourists apply insect repellent regularly to keep mosquitoes away. The other recommendation that the CDC gives out is to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. That can be a bit harder to accomplish in a beach city like Los Cabos. However, it could be a good idea to stay a little bit more covered up, particularly while going out at night.

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Another good way to be able to avoid dengue fever is to stay away from non-flowing water sources. Puddles that form after rains, or even water storage bins that are sometimes commonly used in rural areas in the outskirts of Los Cabos. Some street food spots also may keep water sources that are unsafe. That’s another thing to watch out for. 

Open Bin With Water

Common Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Knowing how to spot the early signs of dengue fever can be a great way to avoid more severe symptoms. For starters, only about 1 in 4 people infected with the disease will show any symptoms. A fever is naturally one of the first symptoms that the infection is known to cause. That fever can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Additionally, headaches and muscle joint pains are also common symptoms of the disease. Be sure to seek medical attention quickly if you experience these.  

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