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Tourists Warned To Avoid This Illegal Medication In Los Cabos

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Officials with The Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks in Baja California Sur (COFEPRIS) have issued an official warning to travelers to Los Cabos against taking a specific injectable medication being illegally marketed to visitors in the area.

Travelers who undergo the procedure in Los Cabos are at a significant health risk for a potential adverse reaction.

Traveler Safety Warning

Los Cabos Pharmacy

Los Cabos visitors should be aware that botulinum toxin Type A in injectable form is being promoted throughout the area with the trade name of Linurase.

The popular anti-wrinkle medication that is being promoted by social media does not have an established health record and is being promoted and used illegally.

Searching for the medication on the web shows it being sold for about $150 ($2,500 MXN) online with claims that it “reduces wrinkles, hydrates the skin and provides visible results.”

Pharmacy in Los Cabos

It is also being promoted on popular video social media platforms as being approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to local officials, they don’t have information on the transportation, storage, and distribution mechanisms of Linurase.

“This product, since it does not have authorization from COFEPRIS, violates the provisions of the General Health Law, making it illegal to market it through websites, online sales, social networks and self-service stores with independent distributors,” said the Mexican Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks on their website.

Man At A Pharmacy In Mexico

Therefore, they can’t provide a guarantee for patients who use the medication.

Travelers are asked to report any negative experiences with the medication to or via email to [email protected]

Latest in Medical Safety Issues

Pharmacy at Los Cabos Marina

This is the latest issue in safety which has affected the Los Cabos pharmacy industry.

Last year, there were several alleged reports and investigations of sales at pharmacies in the area including unlogged sales of controlled medication, illegal pill cutting and other issues with proper record keeping among local businesses.

Several investigations were made by local health officials, including multiple inspections of local facilities, and several of the Los Cabos pharmacies were fined for their practices.

Person Refusing Medication at a Pharmacy

The stories about the investigations were spearheaded by a major metropolitan newspaper in the United States and led to warnings from both Los Cabos and United States government officials.

Los Cabos Medical Tourism

Several tourists are lured to Los Cabos for medical tourism related to lower-priced medical treatments or for those that are unapproved for practice in the United States.

Women patient and doctor talking over her condition on a hospital bed

Travelers need to be careful to confirm the training and certification of medical providers in Los Cabos and ensure that they are receiving medical treatment in a registered medical facility.

There are many high-level United States educated and certified providers of medical and dental practitioners in Los Cabos that can definitely provide great patient care to visiting tourists at a fraction of the price in the United States, even without needing health or dental insurance.

However, tourists should do their due diligence in advance of getting any treatment and even check with several former patients to get a perspective on their perception of the treatments and related aftercare.

Blue Pills Being Investigated In A Lab

Los Cabos is quickly expanding its marketing efforts related to medical tourism, and several tourists have already visited the area on “medical vacations”.

These typically pair a medical treatment, often higher-end medical or cosmetic care, with a vacation at the luxury Los Cabos resort for post-care and follow-up appointments.

As Los Cabos expands its outreach efforts to reach more luxury travelers with extra income to spend on elective and cosmetic procedures, the practice of medical vacations is only expected to expand in Los Cabos.

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