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These Gorgeous Beaches Near Los Cabos Are Still Unsafe For Tourists

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As 2023 has been a peak year for Los Cabos tourism, to avoid the crowds, many have also chosen to visit a nearby attraction that is just as fun — La Paz. 

As hotels in Los Cabos have had increasingly high occupancy rates and near-constant high prices, tourists have looked to other options in the Baja California Sur region that are more affordable for their next vacation destination. 

In addition to the increase in tourism, hurricane season has been underway. This has led to some of the gorgeous beaches of La Paz being declared unsafe for use.

Aerial view of beach in La Paz

Hurricanes and tropical storms have struck Los Cabos numerous times during the fall months, and the high winds and heavy rainfall have caused local officials to close beaches several times. 

By posting red or black flags, Los Cabos authorities have barred tourists and locals from swimming in the waters or entering the beaches in general due to unsafe waters, garbage on the beach, or other dangers. 

In the Baja California Sur region, there are also other localities similar to Los Cabos that have beaches that tourists like to venture to. 

boardwalk near beach in la paz mexico

One of the most popular spots near Los Cabos happens to be La Paz, a nearby city with numerous beaches, resorts, and restaurants for travelers to go to find their next adventure. 

Like the announcements made in previous months about beaches in Los Cabos, a recent announcement about the La Paz beaches has changed circumstances for tourists and locals for the foreseeable future.  

Beaches in La Paz Still Not Safe For Tourists 

La Paz officials announced this week that the beaches are still not safe for tourists and locals to enter after being closed. 

Black Flag on Beach

Although La Paz beaches had recently been closed due to weather-related issues because of hurricanes and tropical storms, this was not the reason local officials closed beaches this time. 

On Wednesday, after analyzing samples of ocean water at their labs, The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, also known as COFEPRIS, advised tourists and the public not to enter the waters at La Paz beaches due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. 

Dirty Beach

Officials stated that people cannot enter the La Paz waters because lab samples from beaches like Malecón, Comitán, Manglito, Coromuel, Pichilingue, Balandra, and Telocote found extremely high concentrations of enterococci. 

According to local officials, this microbiological bacteria can cause “skin, ear, upper respiratory tract infections, and diarrheal diseases” and therefore conditions are not safe for tourists or locals at this time.  

Local officials indicated that they will take more samples in five to seven days to see if conditions change and if tourists and locals can enter the waters in La Paz once more. 

Popular Tourist Attractions in La Paz 

Right on the Sea of Cortez, La Paz is the capital city of the Baja California Sur and has endless attractions for tourists to explore. 

La Paz is known for tourist activities, including whale watching, hiking, sport fishing, snorkeling with sea lions, swimming with sharks, and more. 

The city is also known for its dining scene, as it has a large variety of culinary options and many restaurants overlook the Sea of Cortez. 

seafood in la paz

While in La Paz, you can visit one of the many popular beaches, explore the central promenades, eat at one of the highly-rated gastronomic institutions, or visit one of the incredibly popular beaches. 

Some of the most popular beaches in La Paz include Balandra Beach, Pichilingue Beach, Coromuel Beach, Punta Arena de la Ventana, Ensenada Grande Beach, and many more. 

bird flying at el tesoro beach la paz mexico

Other popular ocean-based activities to pursue at the beaches in La Paz include snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, sandboarding in the sand dunes, and more. 

You can also do an easy day trip to nearby Baja California Sur islands like Isla Espiritu Santo or go on local boat tours guided by knowledgeable locals. 

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