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One Of The World’s Best Beaches Near Los Cabos Will Restrict Tourist Visits To These Times

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A Baja California beach, named one of the best in the entire world, will have tourist limitations in place to ensure the beauty of the amazing location lasts for generations of visitors to come.

Limited to 900 Visitors Per Day

Aerial view of Balandra Beach

It might seem like 900 visitors per day to a beach would be a large number. However, even at this generous beachgoer count, the number of requests will often surpass the number of available slots to visit this breathtaking beach.

Limiting the number of visitors to Balandra Beach is nothing new. Since the beach became a federally protected area 11 years ago, the number of tourists allowed to enjoy the location has been limited.

The idea is that the limitation of visitors will not only ensure that the visitors that do come to the beach get to enjoy their experience without massive crowds. It also will limit the ecological impact to the environmentally sensitive and special area.

Palapas on Balandra Beach in La Paz, Mexico

Time Slots Allocated

Just as many of the popular tourist spots around the world are doing, Balandra Beach will have a timed entry allocation as well to go with the limited number of tourist slots.

Visitors to Balandra Beach, which is located near the capital city of Baja California Sur, La Paz, will have two four-hour slots to choose from to enjoy their time at Balandra Beach.

A total of 450 visitors will be admitted for the morning timed entry from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Balandra Bay Near La Paz

After that period, a group of 450 travelers will be able to entry Balandra Beach for the afternoon session from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There will also be 100 entry slots exclusively allocated for local residents each day.

Ticket Prices Remain the Same

Balandra beach, near of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The local officials overseeing Balandra Beach have decided to keep the entry fees for admission to the beach the same this year.

The entry fee is collected to pay for ticketing and security services, cleaning of the area, and projects to maintain the beauty and environmental standards at the beach.

Tourists can choose to enter Balandra Beach as part of a tour or with an individual guide. The ticket prices for entry are higher than entering the area unaccompanied.

Playa Balandra, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. November 11, 2021. Palapas on a remote beach near La Paz.

What’s So Special About Balandra Beach

Tourists not familiar with the beach may be asking what’s so special about the tourist destination that such strict visitor limits and rules need to be in place.

The beach has been consistently listed as one of the top beaches in the country, as well as the world.

Tourists enjoying Balandra Beach near La Paz

In fact, it was just recognized as the No. 12 best beach in the world by the users of the popular international travel platform TripAdvisor.

It also was recognized as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Worlds50Beaches.

Mexico Desconocido also honored Balandra Beach as the best beach in Mexico in 2019 and 2021 due to its amazing turquoise waters and white sands.

Balandra Beach Located in La Paz, Mexico

Balandra Beach is simply an amazing place to snorkel, with some of the most amazing aquatic life in the entire world. Travelers can also enjoy a hike in the foothills and enjoy the Instagrammable scenic views from the cliffs.

What Travelers Need to Know

Unless a tourist wants to line up early to get one of the coveted slots when it opens at 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m., the easiest way to get into Balandra Beach is through a tour.

However, tourists need to know they will be extra for admission for the convenience in addition to the cost of the tour guide.

Visiting Balandra Beach is definitely the highlight of any scenic vacation getaway to Los Cabos or La Paz and should not be missed despite the extra cost.

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