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New Train Announced That Will Connect Los Cabos With The Rest Of Baja California

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A project that has been talked about for a few months now is finally getting the green light. A passenger train route between Tijuana, on the U.S. border, and Los Cabos is going to be built to allow tourists to enjoy multiple cities that Baja California has to offer.

Train Tracks That Run Along A Coastline

The original idea is for this train to service at least 25000 passengers each day. With operating hours from 6 am to 11 pm, and trains leaving stations every 30 minutes. There are set to be 11 stops along the route, with virtually all of the popular Baja California tourist destinations getting a stop. Currently, the project is slated for completion within the next 4 years.

A Zigzag Route Across The Entire Peninsula

The preliminary route that’s being announced features stops all over Baja California. It’s not going to be a straight line down from Tijuana to Cabo. While travelers can certainly expect to cross the border and get on the train in Tijuana, the journey all the way down to the Cabo area from there is potentially not going to be a quick one. This is meant to be an attraction in which travelers can enjoy the journey as much as their final destination. 

Tijuana Sign On The Malecon That Overlooks The Ocean

As previously stated, the first station looking at the route from north to south would be Tijuana, and from there, the train will travel 75 miles south to Ensenada. This is a popular beach spot still very near the Baja California wine country in Valle de Guadalupe. From there, the train would make its next stop way further down south in the San Pedro Martir National Park. This is a mountainous region basically in the middle of the peninsula that’s currently a bit underappreciated due to the lack of easy access.

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A Vineyard In The Valle de Guadalupe Region In Mexico

A Tour That Would Cover All Sorts of Regions

Going from the very urban city of Tijuana to the beach and wine country near Ensenada and then to the mountains really sets the tone for what to expect for the rest of the trip. Anyone interested in taking the train the entire length of the route would do well to pack all sorts of different clothes. Speaking of packing and time spent on the train, there’s no clear sense yet how long a full trip would take and, therefore, what type of accommodations could be available on the train for passengers. 

trail in the desert of Baja California

In any case, the 4th stop will return travelers to a more tropical setting as the train is slated to stop in Bahia de Los Angeles, a beach town in the Gulf of California. Currently, it’s a bit of an underrated diving spot. From there, the train makes its first Baja California Sur stop in the desert region of Guerrero Negro. Dinosaur bones and clear blue water pools are the main tourist attraction at this stop.

Dinosaur Bones On The Ground As Part of An Exhibit

Small Town Stops & La Paz Before Getting To Los Cabos

From the Baja desert, the train makes consecutive stops in small towns that, in an interesting way, couldn’t be further apart. The first stop is Santa Rosalia which is a small town that overlooks the Gulf of California with beachside picturesque churches to admire. From there, the next stop is Ciudad Constitucion. This spot is famous for an LA-style street full of palm trees as well as the ancient cave paintings that are located in a region nearby. 

Tourists Walking Down a Beautiful Palm Tree Filled Street in Cabo San Lucas

La Paz is the next stop on the trip. This is a stop that will likely not get scrapped from the original plan regardless of what happens due to the fact that it’s the second most visited region in Baja California Sur. The train will then go to the popular Todos Santos beach at the next stop. Making the train an extra attraction for people headed to La Paz or the Todos Santos area. 

The beautiful public beach at Todos Santos, Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose Del Cabo Are The Final Stops

The last two stops of the train are meant to be in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This means that the new train will actually serve as yet another way to get to and from these two spots. As previously stated in the original plan, passengers will be able to get off the train at any station. However, it’s still unclear how the ticket system will work or how long the trip will take. When this information is revealed, we’ll see if it’s going to be worth it to take the train from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo regularly.

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Saturday 25th of February 2023

Please don’t. There really isn’t a need for this. Keep the region as it is. I’d be heartbroken if this gets built. This is how humans ruin beautiful places on earth.

Robert Hernandez

Monday 13th of November 2023

@Teri, There is plenty of land to do this on that wont interfere with the people. If you have been dow there u will relaize there is land that is unchartered. Please build this train quickly. We would definitely love to travel from Tijuana to Cabo!

John wits

Sunday 19th of February 2023

I don't think the locals like this when prices for everything go up and labor rate stay the same

Romeo Sanchez

Friday 17th of February 2023

It’s great stuff I’m very glad this is actually happening in my country of birth.