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National Guard To Increase Safety In Los Cabos’ Tourist Corridor After Several Cases Of Hit And Runs

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Due to the spike in traffic accidents in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, local officials have taken extraordinary measures and requested law enforcement support from the Federal National Guard.

National Guard on Street Patrol

Dangerous Driving

The FONATUR roundabout is notorious for traffic challenges for Los Cabos locals and tourists alike. With the recent increase in tourism due to the peak spring travel season and other factors, the issues have compounded significantly.

Municipal police officials tried to keep up with the issues on the roads, and especially at the FONATUR roundabout, only to be outnumbered by the amount of traffic and issues with Los Cabos drivers.

The result has been a large increase of not only accidents at the roundabout but also several fights as aggravated Los Cabos drivers took solving their accidents to shouting and fist throwing.

There has also been an issue with accidents occurring and creating significant damage to vehicles just to have one of the drivers flee to avoid dealing with the Los Cabos law enforcement authorities.

Traffic accident involving two cars

National Guard To Step Up Patrols

In order to help the issue in the short term, National Guard General Commissioner David Córdova Campos has been asked to increase patrols in the tourist areas of Los Cabos by his officers.

The plan is to commission additional patrols to monitor, observe and control traffic issues in the main tourist zone area of Los Cabos. The prime focus will be the FONATUR roundabout to start with additional support services in other parts where tourists hang out.

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police in mexico

The hope is that the additional patrols will allow for a better flow of motorists and better resolution of traffic issues and accidents involving drivers.

Long Term Solution

The FONATUR roundabout area has been a focus of many different traffic smoothing ideas targeting the tourist corridor in Los Cabos. However, many of the discussions have led to little action to resolve the traffic and accident issues.

Cars blocking traffic

Due to the recent increase in issues, local officials have requested the National Guard to also support with a comprehensive traffic survey for the FONATUR roundabout and nearby tourist corridor roads in Los Cabos.

The survey is scheduled to start immediately, concurrent with the deployment of additional patrols in the area.

La Paz Also Involved

La Paz Beach & Hotels

Once the survey is complete, the State Accident Prevention Council headed by the Baja California Sur governor in conjunction with the mayors of Los Cabos and La Paz will meet and discuss the findings along with the next steps and action needed to help with the problem.

Together, Federal, State and Local officials anticipate coming up with a comprehensive traffic management plan for not only Los Cabos but also in advance of potential future issues in La Paz.

The increased visitors, and resulting increased traffic, in the entire region is not expected to decline for the rest of the year and the three government agencies want to get started now resolving the issue before it comes an even bigger problem.

Taxi on the street

What The Future Holds

For now, tourists to Los Cabos should expect to see a larger increase of not only municipal police but also Federal National Guard patrols in the prime tourist zones of Los Cabos and eventually La Paz.

Drivers should continue to focus on driving defensively in the tourist corridor, especially while traveling in the FONATUR roundabout, and be prepared for aggressive or dangerous driving.

Some visitors may actually find it easier to use the services of local drivers, such as taxis and ride-share services, instead of actually driving in the Los Cabos tourist zones themselves.

This should help keep the issues involving tourists to a minimum and allow guests to better enjoy their time vacationing in Los Cabos.

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