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Los Cabos Cracking Down On Bars To Protect Tourists

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Recently it was announced that authorities in Los Cabos intend to crack down on the destination’s bars and nightclubs in an effort to raise standards across the board.

Throughout the year the local authorities initiate checks across Los Cabos, ensuring that establishments comply with all health and safety protocols to guarantee that travelers are not put at risk by a whole host of potential issues.

A colorful sign saying "Cabo" in front of a restaurant / Bar in Los Cabos

This includes fire safety regulation compliance, food safety, and also building code compliance.

While checks have been done on these aspects of establishments throughout the destination in the past, the frequency and scope of the checks have been sporadic and inconsistent. Allowing some businesses serving travelers to slip under the radar.

With this latest announcement, the destination will enter a period of constant rotating checks on compliance, ensuring travelers a safe and consistent experience in Los Cabos’ many wonderful drinking establishments.

An oyster bar at los cabos marina

An Important Change

One of the big driving factors in this change of attitude is unfortunately due to lessons learned in Mexico’s capital city.

Over the past few years, there have been several high-profile, and sadly deadly, incidents that could have easily been avoided through simple regulation and enforcement.

Simple things such as emergency exits have been lacking in some establishments or, where present, have at times not been easily accessible when needed. These oversights are easily rectified but unfortunately require enforcement and education of proprietors to keep standards high.

Police in Front of Los Cabos Hotel

Should Travelers Be Worried?

It’s only natural to feel a little alarmed at the news that simple safety necessities such as emergency exits may not be strictly provided, but it’s important to recognize that the tourism-focused establishments of Los Cabos are mostly well-managed and receive more oversight than those outside of the touristic areas.

While there have been incidents in Mexico City, and on a smaller scale, some establishments in Los Cabos have been found to not be up to code, none of the bars or nightclubs popular with travelers in the destination have fallen foul of their responsibilities in recent times.

However, it is only good news for travelers to know that their safety while on vacation is not being taken for granted by local authorities and that despite the destination’s fantastic safety record, standards are being raised.

travelers toasting cocktails

The Best On Offer

It was recently reported that many travelers are choosing to stay in their resort for their entertainment and nightlife needs, and while most resorts offer many great establishments to enjoy, the best bar and nightlife experiences in Los Cabos aren’t within the resort walls.

Below is a snapshot of some of Los Cabos’ best bars and nightlife.

Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at Night

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Probably Los Cabos’ most famous establishment, the Cabo Wabo Cantina has earned a legendary name among travelers who visit the destination.

First opened in 1990 by legendary rocker Sammy Hager of Van Halen fame, travelers can’t get enough of the fantastic live music and outstanding drinks menu. Furthermore, for travelers who get here before the night gets into full swing, the food at Cabo Wabo Cantina is not to be missed.

El Squid Roe

No visit to the party landscape of Los Cabos would be complete without a night in El Squid Roe, like the Cabo Wabo Cantina this establishment has earned a mythological reputation among travelers for its unforgettable parties.

Futuristic light shows complement the laundry list of world-class DJs who play thunderous sets throughout the year, and the drinks menu is one of the most diverse in the whole of Los Cabos.

For any spring break visitors, not spending a night at El Squid Roe is like visiting Los Angeles and not even looking in the direction of the Hollywood sign. In other words, it’s unmissable!

Cabo Wine & Jazz Club

If travelers have had enough of the thumping beats and high-energy party side of Los Cabos or just want to enjoy a more refined night in the destination, the Cabo Wine & Jazz Club is a perfect choice.

This cozy and relaxed wine bar has a fantastic selection of drinks and provides visitors with a great array of live jazz performances. Although live music isn’t provided every night of the week, so a little planning needs to be included to see this establishment at its best.

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