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Los Cabos Among Safest Destinations in Mexico For Tourists

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Once again, crime statistics in and around Los Cabos show that the region remains one of the safest tourist destinations in the entire country.

That’s according to the recent Common Jurisdiction Criminal Incidence report which especially highlights the fact that violent crimes in region are down significantly when compared with the same time period in 2022.

The Violent Crime Decline

Lands End and the world famous Los Cabos Arch

There has been an amazing reduction in crime levels in Baja California Sur, which includes the cities of Los Cabos and La Paz.

The number of homicides in the area, which are directly to violent crimes, last year in October, there were 12 cases. Looking at the past month in Baja California Sur, there were only four recorded.

That brings the total of homicides this year to 83, a decline from the 112 recorded to date in 2022.

Los Cabos Police Truck Monitoring the Area

Of those, only 19 were actually judged to be intentional or a charge of murder in the United States. The other 64 were unintentional, or what could be considered manslaughter in the United States.

According to Mexico News Daily, overall, the number of homicides in the entire country actually declined in October, showing a more than 13% drop compared to October 2022. It was the least violent October the country had in seven years.

Unfortunately, when looking at the number of deaths related to traffic accidents, the numbers are not so great in Baja California Sur, with 63 deaths so far this year.

Police monitoring a crime scene

Exercise Increased Caution

Despite the improvement in violent crime statistics for the country, as well as the State of Baja California Sur, the United States Department of State maintains its “exercise increased caution” travel advisory for the region.

This travel advisory rating, which includes the towns of Los Cabos and La Paz, is actually unchanged since the last update from the Department of State provided on August 22.

Police officer on beach patrol in Mexico

Granted, it’s too early to determine if the improvement in crime statistics during the month of October actually constitute a trend, the numbers are definitely moving in the right direction when it comes to travel and tourism in Los Cabos.

Hopefully if the trend continues, the United States Department of State may consider a change in the overall travel advisory safety rating for American travelers to the region.

Travelers Should Feel Safe

Tourists enjoying a day shopping in Los Cabos

The first main point visitors to Los Cabos have to recognize is that none of the recorded homicides actually occurred involving tourists to the area and were not reported as occurring in the tourist zones of Los Cabos.

In fact, unlike other Mexican states, the United States Department of State does not have any warnings for government employees operating in Baja California Sur.

Therefore, the incidents of crime related to tourists are even lower than those generally reported for the entire region. In fact, most of the crimes related to travelers tend to be nonviolent crimes, such as petty theft.

Tourists enjoying an art walk event in Los Cabos

The decline in crime overall in the region should make visitors to the beach resort destination feel comfortable traveling to the area for their vacation getaway as opposed to other places in the country.

Slight Increase Expected for the Holidays

However, the crime numbers related to tourists are expected to pick up as the peak winter holiday travel season officially kicks off next week.

Holiday decorations in Los Cabos

As the number of tourists increases, the number of incidents increases. However, they are expected to remain petty crimes of opportunity related to theft of expensive items left in hotel rooms or at outdoor locations such as beaches or hotel pools.

To remain safe, travelers should avoid bringing expensive items to pools and beaches in Los Cabos and leaving them unattended. Also, travelers to the area should use hotel and resort safe amenities to protect themselves when not in their hotel rooms.

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