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No More Upcharges! Los Cabos Cracks Down On Tourist Fees

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It’s one of the most common vacation worries of travelers heading to Mexico. Will I end up getting sick from the food or water?

Because of this, tourists are constantly having to buy and brush their teeth with bottled water along with constantly having to ask for the source of ice and water at restaurants.

Some of the restaurants in Los Cabos have actually passed on the cost of purchasing purified water for tourists right on their final check.

That practice is now not allowed in Los Cabos restaurants.

restaurant with gorgeous views of los cabos

Purified Water for Free

According to the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry Regional Advisor Lorena Hinojosa Oliva, all bars, restaurants and cafés must now offer purified water to their guests at no cost.

“When a client asks us for a glass of water, we will offer them a glass of purified water, which is available freely in a commercial establishment. If they want a bottle of bottled water which will have an extra cost, it will be the guest’s decision to choose which of the two options. In the first instance restaurants will offer the glass of purified water at no cost to the diner,” Hinojosa Oliva said.

Woman drinking water at a pool

There is no specific date set for the start of the new rule, but it is expected to start immediately in Los Cabos.

No Upcharge for Credit

Not as common, tourists in Los Cabos also were very unhappy with having to pay extra if paying by credit card, debit card or cash if it is not preferred by the restaurant, café or bar.

Hinojosa Oliva said that they may not charge extra if the customer pays with a credit card, debit card or cash.

Customer reviewing a credit card receipt

“We cannot, at all, charge an extra cost if the client pays by card or pays in cash. There can be no differentiation or increase in cost because it is going to be paid with some type of credit or debit card,” she added in a media interview.

Tourist Friendly Changes

All of the changes come from the feedback from Los Cabos travelers about items that made them not want to visit local restaurants, bars and cafes when visiting Los Cabos.

The local dining and hospitality industry is working to win back travelers that feel that they for years have been overcharged and mistreated by local restaurants, bars and cafes in Los Cabos.

The Oyster in Los Cabos

Belly up to the Bar

One of the biggest concerns of travelers to Los Cabos, and Mexico in general, is the price of adult beverages in bars, cafes, and restaurants.

That issue was not addressed in the latest dining establishment declarations by the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry.

A bar in Los Cabos

What Tourists Need to Know

It’s great to see the local dining industry be more responsive to the feedback from travelers about the lack of fair treatment when it comes to purified water and use of credit cards, debit cards and cash at restaurants in Los Cabos.

It’s a step in the right direction that will make local businesses more competitive in terms of service quality for travelers.

Group of Friends Toasting at a Restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico During the Winter

For many travelers, it is only the first moves in fixing some of the chronic issues in the hospitality industry faced by international travelers enjoying their time in the sun, sand and surf of Los Cabos on a travel vacation getaway.

This is your time to share your voice with the restaurant, bar and café owners across Los Cabos. What other changes need to be made in these establishments to make them more responsive to tourists and fair for international visitors?

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Wednesday 29th of May 2024

If the restaurant charges extra for credit card, what is the name of the law to tell them it is not permitted. We live in Cabo year round and some restaurants we eat charge extra for credit card.


Wednesday 29th of May 2024

The whole vacation scene is changing. Research is showing that tourists in general and even college age tourists are looking for more meaningful travel than a night of drinking alcohol. For nightlife, there are few restaurants outside of the resort that offer you fine dining, 1 or two beverages, and a dinner show. The Caborey is very pricy pp unless you do a time share presentation. So according to Travel and Leisure Magazine and Thrillist, heavy alcohol consumption is out. You can eat lunch at the Marina. There is little to attract you out at night that cannot be also done in the daytime. You are right--for nightlife the downtown needs to reinvent itself.

LOUIS Salatich

Wednesday 29th of May 2024

Cabo is a rip off. My family use to go to Cabo twice a year for two week each visit. We don't go there anymore.


Wednesday 29th of May 2024

Someone should look in to watered down bottles of alcohol. And putting sh** alcohol in high end bottles.