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La Paz Launches Program To Train All Hospitality Staff To Keep Tourists Safe

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Spring Break meant back to class instead of a vacation for tourism workers in La Paz.

While college students were out enjoying their Easter vacation with sand and surf, the local tourism support teams have been refreshing their skills to keep visitors safe.

La Paz Cathedral Night View

Safety Training For Tourism

In order to ensure tourists are safe when visiting La Paz, many workers supporting the industry got a first-hand chance to learn first aid and safety skills to protect visitors from danger.

The idea is to have hotel, restaurant and bar employees in La Paz trained to act as first responders to an incident involving a tourist to provide first aid until emergency personnel arrives on the scene.

Women patient and doctor talking over her condition on a hospital bed

They spent the day learning important skills in first aid, search and rescue, evacuation and firefighting. Hands on training was provided in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), fire extinguisher use, and how to bandage simple injuries.

La Paz Municipal Protection Director Jehú Vázquez Savin announced the initiative as an opportunity to make sure that the tourist industry is ready to do what is necessary to protect visitors to the community, especially during the upcoming Easter week holidays.

Advancing Tourism in La Paz

The idea for the training program in La Paz came from the need to ensure local hospitality workers are ready to respond in the event of emergency situations in the community.

There is not an issue with the local response times from emergency personnel to help tourists in need.

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Ambulance in Mexico

However, there is a need from the tourists to ensure that La Paz hospitality workers have more advanced training than what was required in the past.

Elevating the Tourist Experience

La Paz is working to elevate its guest experience to become an important resort destination in the world. That requires workers to have a higher level of skills that higher-end customer demand. That includes basic emergency skills to provide assistance when needed.

Hot Day At Beach Near La Paz

This is the first of many programs which can elevate the value that the hospitality industry in La Paz provides to the more affluent luxury traveler, who traditionally also is a bit older in age.

Safety is often one of the top concerns members of this important traveling segment prefer in their higher-end resort destination experience.

La Paz hospitality worker should also focus their efforts on delivering a unique and special customer experience by elevating their customer service skills next. These important travelers demand a higher level of service than what has traditionally been provided in the beach town of La Paz.

Tourists Dining at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

La Paz is Ready

However, workers in the town overall seem eager and interested in improving their skills to connect to this important group, which has also been a focus of the folks on the other side of Baja California Sur in Los Cabos.

There was a long list of employees interested in the “Your Safe Stay” training program.

Hospitality worker making a bed in a guest room

However, some hotel and restaurant employers were cautious, thinking that some of the employees were simply taking the training class in order to better prepare themselves to work at the more resort-style properties that have been poaching workers in Los Cabos.

Regardless, the training is another step forward in the development of La Paz to provide similar luxury-style accommodations and amenities as Los Cabos.

However, it does appear according to the recent flight additions at the smaller La Paz International Airport, that the initial focus will be more on the domestic luxury traveler. This leaves the international travelers to Los Cabos with a somewhat symbiotic tourism strategy.

Ultimately, the idea is to train 100 hotel and 300 restaurant and bar workers in La Paz in the “Your Safe Stay” first responder program during the upcoming sessions.

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